The Colorado Rockies name is Bill Schmidt Permanent GM

Nolan Arenado greets new Colorado GM Bill Schmidt.
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When Jeff Bridich and the Rockies “mutually agreed” that the general manager was resigning in April, Team announcement Promised the future.

“The organization will appoint an interim general manager for the rest of the season and they will look for a permanent general manager once the 2021 MLB postseason is over.”

Well, congratulations to the World Series Champion, uh … wait a minute. The regular season is not over. Yet, on Saturday, Colorado named Bill Schmidt, who is serving as interim GM, as the permanent person for the job.

There’s a lot to find in the right person to be the first division winner in the history of the Rockies. Too much for “Selig rulesThere’s so much for fans to believe in the organization about interviewing minority candidates but owner Dick Manfort’s first idea is about anything at any time.

Monfort’s takeover of the franchise is a big reason that Rockies ’work isn’t about to start. Then there is the fact that there is Colorado MLB pipeline Farm arrangements in the fifth worst position, and not in the top 50 chances. After the Nolan Arenado deal before the play-off bound season in St. Louis, the Rockies gave no reason to stay around the pending free agent shortstop Trevor Story, and it’s not like the lineup is promising and talent-developing-at one point potential Brendan Rogers, 25 years old. Players.

But it is still one of 30 major league general manager jobs, and Schmidt’s biggest achievement in interim jobs was claiming a few concessions, trading Mitchell Givens in Cincinnati and especially gaining a 19-year-old call that the Rockies never drafted. From a Colorado high school, and he failed to do story business before walking into free agency.

Which type of performance is worthy of a real search for a new GM? Those back-to-back wild card appearances in 2017 and 2018 were fun, and they should have had Rockies fans for a while, as the franchise showed today that it’s not interested in doing better.

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