The charity has rejected a donation from Jamie Lynn Spears from the response of Britney fans

Mental health is unprofitable that Jamie Lynn Spears promised to donate to earn from her upcoming memoir Britney Spears refuses to accept contributions after screams from supporters.

Fans of the singer are not at all thrilled that the little Spears sister is selling her book “Things I Have Have Said” during the pop superstar’s painful struggle to get rid of her conservatism.

Amid speculation about the sisters’ growing broken relationship, Jamie Lynn announced this month that she was partnering with the nonprofit Is My Brave, which uses stories of liberation from mental illness and improvement in the fight against stigma.

Jamie Lynn wrote in an Instagram post about her planned donation, “I know how scary it can be to share personal struggles, especially if you don’t feel support or a safe place for it.” “They are doing an amazing job of courageously sharing their experiences as well as supporting and encouraging people.”

But on Monday, the company announced on Instagram that it would reject the contribution.

“We have heard from you. We are taking action. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, “the statement said. “We are rejecting grants from Jamie Lynn Spears’ upcoming book.”

A few days ago, fans of Britney Spears posted this bold post of mine during the celebration of World Mental Health Day, with many condemning the group for partnering with Jamie Lynn.

“You are receiving a grant from someone who has contributed immensely to their sister’s mental health,” one person wrote in the comments. “For his own benefit. Totally discredits your credibility.”

Another asked, “Honestly, you all had the courage to partner with Jamie Lynn Spears when she was a direct abuser to her sister.”

Although Jamie Lynn has publicly supported her older sister Britney in a legal battle to regain control of her life, Britney has repeatedly taken shots at her on social media.

Shortly after Jamie Lynn announced her memoir, Britney wrote that she should also publish a book, jokingly proposing titles that seem to overshadow her sister’s project.

“Option # 1 … ‘Shit, I don’t really know’ Option # 2 …” I really care what people think, “Britney wrote.

In a post earlier this month, Brittany sent a clear warning to family members involved in her conservatism. “If I ever do an interview, Lord have mercy on the soul of my family !!!” He wrote.

“Britney is very, very angry and hurt,” an unnamed source told EK! News of sister’s relationship. “She feels like Jamie Lynn has abandoned her completely and left her frustrated in the fight of her life. So far they have been each other’s best friends and everything.”

Jamie Lin, meanwhile, has not yet commented on the grant debate. A separate source told Entertainment Tonight that he was “extremely upset” that it was my courage to “take such a quick and public stand against him.”

“Jamie Lin has been forced to remain silent for years and is finally being attacked for telling her the truth,” the source added. “People didn’t realize that Jamie Lin suffered the same injuries as Britney. It’s not Britney or Jamie Lin. It’s a family injury and how it affects each person differently.”

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