The Carson Wentz exam at Indianapolis is a bust

A bust of Carson Wentz Indy.
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Why did anyone think Carson Wentz would work at Indy?

I realized that a change of scenery could make a lot of people better, but I never bought that it could turn the worst quarterback of 2020 into one who could fight for a Super Bowl. It’s crazy to me that many in the national media would have so high expectations of Wentz that his business was done, especially when he only did business because of his bad play.

“There is talent around him. There’s a good football team in India, ”said Dan Orlovsky, who is probably lying in bed staring at Carson Wentz Fathead on the roof. “It’s an 11-5 football team last year that is much more back to the same team ফিরে the same team back, but more talented … the expectation is that Carson Wentz will win the division and win a play-off game.”

“The standard is 2017, not 2019 … and I believe he can pull it off,” said Stephen A. Smith.

“I’m not a Wentz fan, but if he can revive his career anywhere, with the coach who was obviously his coordinator in Philadelphia, behind the offensive line that could be the best in football, and the ongoing game that is just at the top of the league. . So when you get those elements, you get a chance, ”Beep avoids.

Aaaand 0-3. Territories of AKA Jets-Giants-Lions. The Colts can still turn this thing around, but at 0-3 you can count the playoffs, which Orlovsky thought was one of the minimum requirements to win a playoff game.

That Skip Bells quote is some soft support for Wentz – basically just saying he’s going to be on a good team – but it points to a number of reasons that people were saying Wentz would revive his career. The problem is that Quentin Nelson can only defend the quarterback, he can’t throw for him.

Let’s try an exercise in critical thinking, which I realize is a super pretending thing, but bear with me. We have two quarterbacks: QB A and QB B. QB A is bad, but starting from QB B starts a job. Worse than QB A.

Be prepared to brighten your mind. QB A is Jelen Hartz, and QB B is Carson Wentz. This is the biggest reason I never understood the Wentz hype. Often the same people who said Wentz would be the MVP candidate said that Jillian Harts’ days were counted in Philadelphia. But Wentz was so bad that he was benched for Hart! I feel like I’m screaming in the void here. Maybe I’m crazy.

This practice of critical thinking was originally directed at Dan Orlovsky, who said on the Pat McAfee show: “They are not as close as the players. Carson Wentz is the best as a player.

I repeat: Wentz was benched for injury! You are worshiping a false prophet, Daniel!

But it all comes back to the “roster”. Much better than Indie Philly and that would make all the difference, right? Last year, Wentz’s QBR was .91..9, which is the 2nd most qualified player. This year, the O-line, and the running game, and with the receiver and former coordinator, he has improved to 38.9.


That track, because he’s just not good. This is behind Jacken Harts’ .21.2 QBR, because for the final time, Harts took his job.

I don’t mean to hate Wentz. He’s actually a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, even if he doesn’t play in the game. He was on the roster and played a big role in getting them there. It’s still ridiculous that he’s still acting like that guy, when all the evidence is the opposite.

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