The Cardinals put RHP Justin Miller on the list of injured

The Cardinals have retained right-handed pitcher Justin Miller According to a team announcement, the list of injured, including elbow strain. Fellow Jack Woodford, who was an alternative after yesterday’s double header, has been recalled for the relevant action.

The extent of Miller’s injuries is not known at this time, although elbow injuries are always related to a pitcher. This will be his second trip to the IL this year, as he hit the shelf in August with a right ulnar nerve injury. A waiver was demanded from the s-aged Nationals in July and this year the two clubs have lost 1 innings. Miller had a swollen era of 15.00 on a small three-inning sample with Washington but was much better after changing jerseys. He has an E.50 ERA in 1 innings with the Cardinals. There are less than ten days left in the regular season, and pitching staff are being encouraged by the recent return of Jack Flaherty. And Dakota Hudson, I don’t think Miller will return to the club this year. Although if he can come back healthy and the cards run a long playoff, they can go back to him in case of other injuries. He can be retained in this office through arbitration but seems to be non-tender.

This is good news for the Cardinals in all cases Edmundo Sosa. The shortstop hit the wrist by a pitch yesterday and left the game immediately. Manager Mike Shields later told reporters, co Jeff Jones of Belville News-Democrat, That they found no evidence of a fracture and that Sosa would miss only a few days. It is speculated that he has not been kept in the IL today and they do not expect his absence to extend into the post-season. The 2-year-old had a great surprise for the club this season, hitting .274 / .348 / .395 adding up to a wRC + of 106, his highest such mark at any level since a rookie ball stunt in 2017. Combined with the standard defense, according to Fangrafs, this season is worth 1.8 wins over his replacement. The Cardinals may be a bit wary of his recovery, as they are currently on an incredible 14-game winning streak that brought them to their final NL Wild Card spot, with their closest rival, Phyllis, including a five-game cushion between them.

Paul Djong For now the place of the sausage should be short. The 28-year-old bat has slipped a bit in recent years. From 2017 to 2019, he slashed .251 / .318 / .467 for wRC + of 108. , At that time its price was still 2.1 fWAR. Djong is under contract until 2023, with a pair of club options for 202 and 2025. The emergence of Sosa, after which these five years of control will remain, could give the club a surplus from which to trade. But Sosa has also played some second and third bases this season, perhaps allowing the cards to hold both and maintain flexibility.

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