The calls and texts of Britney Spears were monitored, the new documentary says by Reuters

ছবি Reuters file photo: Singer Britney Spears poses at the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards on April 12, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

By Lisa Richwine

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A security agency hired by Britney Spears’ father monitored the pop singer’s phone calls and text messages and lived in a court-approved conservatism since 2008, according to a New York Times documentary published on Friday.

In “Controlling Britney Spears,” Alex Vlasov, a former employee of Black Box Security, who said he had worked with the singer’s team for almost nine years, said the company “mirrored” the pop singer’s phone on his iPad by logging into his iCloud account. A hearing aid was also kept in his bedroom, Vlasov said.

He told the filmmakers that he was asked to encrypt some of Spears’ text conversations so that they could be sent to his father, Jamie Spears, and an employee of a business management company he hired.

When questioned by Vlasov about monitoring, he said he had been told that Britney Spears’ contacts had been reviewed “for her own safety and security” and that the conservative oversight court was “aware of this”, as was her attorney. According to Vlasov, the observation included discussions between Britney Spears and her lawyer, Sam Ingam.

Vivian Thorin, an attorney for Jamie Spears, did not discuss the specific allegations, but said his work was “within the criteria of the authority given by the court,” and “Britney, with the knowledge and consent of her court,” was appointed lawyer and / or court. “

“Jamie’s record as a conservator – and court approval for her actions – speak for itself,” Thorin added, adding that Jamie Spears helped her daughter rehabilitate her career and improve her financial situation.

A lawyer for Eden Yemini, president of Black Box Security, said in a statement shown in the documentary, “Mr. Yemini and Black Box have always managed themselves within professional, ethical and legal limits and they are especially proud of their work. Spear has been safe for many years.”

Britney Spears is fighting to end conservatism, which Jamie Spears founded in 2008 to oversee her daughter’s personal affairs and nearly 60 60 million in assets after her mental health broke down. The “strong” singer said in June that the system was abusive and insulting.

In a surprise move in early September, Jamie Spears said she supported ending conservatism – 2021-09-07 Because the situation changed. The case is set to be heard in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday.

Spears’ new attorney, Matthew Rosengart, said in a statement that he would investigate the new allegations.

The statement said, “The closure or monitoring of Britney’s communications, especially the sacred attorney-client communications, represents a shameful and tragic violation of her privacy and civil liberties.” “It would be particularly insulting to have a hearing aid in Brittany’s bedroom.”

“Controlling Britney Spears” was released Friday night on FX Cable Network and Hulu. It follows a documentary by the same filmmakers, titled “Framing Britney Spears”, which debuted in February and helped arouse new interest in the field.

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