The Broncos call ‘Vic Fangio Ravens’ a late rush ‘bull’; John Harbaugh responds

They didn’t care about Vic Fangio Raven’s milestone. That late crowd still had the Bush League to him.

Ronvens was leading 2-7 in Sunday’s match against the Broncos and got the ball back with three seconds left in the game. Instead of kneeling to finish the game, Lamar Jackson went ahead for 5 yards to give the Ravens 102 racing yards a day, increasing Baltimore’s consistency to 100-plus racing yard straight games in 43 games with an NFL record.

According to Denver 7’s Troy Rank, Fangio shared his thoughts about Monday’s rush.

“I thought it was a kind of bull, but I expected it from them,” Fangio said. “Thirty-seven years into the pro ball, I haven’t seen anything like it, but it was expected. We expected it.”

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Fangio explained that he saw it coming because he knew how it works.

“That’s the way they operate there,” Fangio said. “Player safety is secondary.”

And Fangio didn’t wait after the game to show his frustration with the call. As the clock ticks off, Jackson is seen to be visibly frustrated as he moves forward and the outsiders are seen screaming.

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Ravens coach John Harbaugh had his own reaction, saying he thought he and Fang were in a good position but he was “not going to think of this insult for a second.”

He said the Ravens didn’t expect to get the ball back, but if they did, they would try to get the yardage.

“Throwing the ball into the last zone with 10 seconds left, I don’t know if a 16-point touchdown will be possible there, so there’s nothing to do with winning the game,” Harbagh said. “As I said, what makes sense to us may not make sense to them and we’re not going to worry about it ourselves.”

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The decision to run the ball was a little surprising. After the Ravens blocked the Broncos quarterback Drew Lock in the last zone with three seconds left, they only had to kneel once and the game was over. Especially since Jackson has already come into the game suspiciously to start with back pain, the franchise seemed to be taking unnecessary risks to pick up 3 yards at the very end of a game rushing to the quarterback.

But Harbagh defended the decision after the game, saying it was his decision to go to the yard.

“My call is one hundred percent,” Harbagh said. “That’s one of the things that makes sense. As a head coach, you have to remember your players and your coaches and what it means to them.”

Even Jackson was caught deciding to run for him.

“My coach, James Urban, told me he wanted to run a play for three yards really fast to continue the record, and that’s what we did,” Jackson was quoted as saying by Sports Illustrated. “I don’t know what he was thinking. I thought we’d kneel and he said, no, we’re going for it. The game was stopped. Behind the last zone, congratulations to him, but I don’t know what the coach was thinking.”

The Ravens will now take part in the record of a drawn game with at least 100 racing yards, which will take part in the clash with the Colts on Sunday. The Colts have allowed 456 rushing yards in 4 games, including 180 yards for the Titans in Week 3.

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