The bombshell document shows that Trump received a special treatment from Deutsche Bank and received 7 3.7 million from a foreign government as president.

Trump hid ০ 1 million in damages at his DC hotel, receiving special loan breaks Deutsche Bank, and received $ 3.7 from the foreign government as president.

Trump took millions of dollars from foreign governments and took a break from a foreign bank on his DC hotel loan

According to documents released by the House Oversight Committee:

  • While in office, President Trump received potentially millions of dollars in preferential treatment from a foreign bank. Documents show that in 2018, Deutsche Bank provided President Trump with a significant financial benefit by allowing him to delay the payment of 170 170 million to the Trump Hotel – which Trump personally guaranteed – for six years. Without this suspension, the hotel may need to pay a few million extra dollars to Deutsche Bank when it was already facing serious losses. Trump did not publicly disclose this significant benefit from a foreign bank during his presidency.
  • The Trump Hotel has received .. 3.7 million from foreign governments. Based on the committee’s analysis, from 2017 to 2020, the Trump Hotel received an estimated million 7. million from foreign governments, raising concerns about possible violations of the Foreign Emergencies Clause of the Constitution. This amount was enough to spend 40,000 nights at the Trump Hotel, at an average rate per day. Former President Trump failed to disclose the details of the payments to the GSA, and he “donated” a small portion of the payments to the Treasury, which determines his company’s profits.

Trump hid payments from foreign governments and the loss of DC hotels from the government

Trump made লোক 1 million in losses from the DC Hotel, as he claimed in his financial disclosure forms that the hotel was profitable, using Trump’s presidency to raise millions of dollars from a foreign government and defaulting on his debt.

If Trump does not report these agreements in his tax return, he is preparing himself for possible local, state and federal criminal charges.

Trump’s whole business is the house of cards.

He survived a huge pile of lies while lying about his profits so that he could borrow more money to run more ornaments. All the while, Trump and his business criminally avoid taxes.

Trump needs a political comeback because he is sinking financially, and it looks like all his schemes have finally caught up with him and should lead to criminal charges.

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