The bills were given to Josh Allen to celebrate, and that was the right call

Whatever the outcome, it was the right call.
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The old adage, “Instead of playing to win, not to lose”, has been used in some hypocritical ways in the past. It was used in football to embarrass teams that jumped into the defense too early, or played three draws in a row at the end of the game when they lead at the end of the game and try to run the clock back when the opposing team has enough time to return the ball.

These are good examples, but for most of the existence of football, The phrase “play to win” is not consistently applied at the end of games. Whether it’s a fourth and short point when taking a late lead, or whether Pleskicker chooses to tie the game instead of going to the last area to win the game, these are clearly “not to lose to play” decisions. With less than 20 chances to win a football game each season, no team – especially one whose head coach faces an employment crisis – does not want to be accused of “blowing up a game”, making “decisions on the bone”, or perhaps “losing the way”. Search. “

On Monday night, the Buffalo Bills could score a chip-shot field goal with 22 seconds left, to send their game overtime against the Tennessee Titans, but coach Sean McDermott decided to play to win. He sent his offense fourth-down Try to keep their touchdown hope alive and transform. Bills quarterback Josh Allen lost his leg, briefly stopped, And the bill is lost, Lowering their record to 4-2.

The play may have failed, but it was still the right decision. For one, the data showed that the fourth-going down Conversion bills have a 21.3 percent chance of winning, Per Next General Statistics. It was the Bills playing for their strength and not for the Titans ’strength. This decision has been taken by some other teams this season and the rest will have to start doing the same.

If the Bills tie the game and send it overtime, it will force their defense, number 1 per game. Football is external DVOA data, try to recapture the field and catch the Titans by running after Derrick Henry. It sounds like a simple match of the best-of-the-best, but it wouldn’t. ESPN shows a graphic during the game that shows Henry improving per carry per yard, and he was holding bills yesterday with an average of 7.2 yards per carry. If the Bills lose the overtime coin flip, Henry could go 70 yards to the end of the first game, the game.

The smartest decision for the Bills was to try and win the game with their own all-pro ball carrier Allen. It was a decision against the Kansas City Chiefs in the second week of the Baltimore Ravens And was praised because they were successful. It was fourth and 1 from the Ravens ’43-yard-line, with just over a minute left in the game. The choice was to go for it, and if they converted, they would win. If they failed, they could give Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahoms a short field and a minute to work with them, or they could pin the Chiefs with deep paint in their own area and give Mahoms a minute. Works with. Next General Statistics‘Prophecy Showed Going down to that fourth has improved Ravens ’chances of winning by 24 percent, but neither team will let Mahoms decide a game with the ball in his hands. That doubles for teams like the Ravens, with Lamar Jackson as their quarterback, perhaps the biggest rushing threat to the position the NFL has seen.

The Ravens are converts, and they currently sit at the top of their division with a 5-1 record. Chiffra finished 3-3 in their division.

In the fifth week this modern “play to play” mentality almost wins the Detroit Lions their first win of the season. The Minnesota Vikings ruined the ball two minutes into the fourth quarter and the Lions made a touchdown with 37 seconds left in the game. The Lions don’t have Henry, Mahoms, Allen or Jackson and they still decide to convert 2-points to win instead of extra points. They succeeded in that play, but they couldn’t slow down the Vikings Crime and a 54-yard game-winning field goal loses the game.

Three calls, three different results, each making the right decision. For those coaches who say, week after week, “We’ll go after our opponents”? Then follow them. A team has to earn more points than another team to win a game, so give your players the best chance of winning it, rather than the best chance of not losing.

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