The Biden government will not revoke the work permit of the Afghan rapist after the October attack

Jabiullah Mohammad

Earlier, it was reported that an Afghan man had been arrested in Montana for raping a young woman and charged with criminal activity. The foreign national was deported from Afghanistan during Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal, and the U.S. State Department transferred him to the state.

Afghan citizen, Jabiullah Mohammad, Was not fully verified by the federal government before the DHS released him to the general public. He was not even a refugee who qualified for a special immigrant visa, instead, he was released as a “parole”.

He then raped a local woman.

Mohamand’s sentence was announced on November 1.

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But thanks to Biden’s rule, Mohammed kept his work permit.

Rapists can work – but unexpected pilots and nurses will lose their jobs.

CIS.org reports:

In September, President Biden blocked the withdrawal of Afghans, killing 13 U.S. Army members during a suicide bombing. By detaining an unknown number of Americans and legal permanent residents (LPRs) in Afghanistan, the Biden administration has recklessly exacerbated its shortcomings by allowing thousands of unexpected Afghans to board flights to the United States. As I wrote to Newsweek on 8 September, “The policy of the Biden administration seems to be to get as many as possible here as soon as possible and the details will be sorted out later. What could be the possible mistakes? “

ানা The state of Montana has received 75 Afghans in the first wave of rehabilitation. OhThe 19-year-old was among the unexpected Afghan parolees who ended up in Montana Jabiullah Mohammad. Last week, Mohmand was charged with violently raping an 18-year-old girl in a hotel room. Mohmand’s testimony is scheduled for November 1 and it appears he is being held in police custody at the moment.

I don’t know what potentially derogatory information came to light during Mohammed’s national security and background check, but this tragic alleged crime is a predictable byproduct for the movement of unexpected aliens inside the United States. Instead of feeling some moral guilt in putting the universe in a position to commit this crime, multiple DHS sources tell me that Biden’s political leadership team has decided that they will not withdraw Mohmand’s EAD at this time. This is a totally confusing, and unforgivable decision because the process of canceling an EAD is not complicated.

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