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Does anyone else find themselves on Instagram for a moment, then suddenly click “Add to Cart” on some fashion brand’s website, seemingly two milliseconds? I can tell you (and my bank account), the pattern originated from some unknown event, I have no fault of my own, or I can say it just like that: I discovered it via Instagram. But can you blame me? Frequently discovering new fashion designers (fashion editor life), re-sharing paparazzi photos of the most stylish celebrities and finding a great piece when influential people or even my fashion-inspired colleagues post on their own accounts, “got it not found”. My latest passion, thanks to the ‘village’? Silver ring. But not just any rings (I’m sorry, but I’m really the standard croissant style, etc.). I mean the scariest, obsolete, yet wearable style I can find.

As a vow to stop silver-toned jewelry in middle school, my gold ring collection took the perfect storm to boost my interest in anything but expanding. So it wasn’t just Kylie Jenner and her best friend Stacey Carnikolau repeating the emerging Canadian brand Steff Elliott – although it was originally and others like Olivia Rodrigo also wore the brand. But similarly, trying something literally new for me, even something as small as changing the color of my jewelry, seems like the next dressing version of my epidemic. I basically abandoned minimalism in 2020 (a strong claim, I know), and when the golden gold band rings and looks like that alley, you have a contrast in your face about shiny, geometric or abstract shaped silver young, experimental jewelry. Accessories from designers. Also, the pieces look great along with other vibrant elements like psychedelic printed long sleeve tops and brightly colored, statement outfits in general.

I started my new collector’s hobby with Hannah Juet’s soft droplet ring, and I have no regrets. I’ve already started shifting my focus to small designers who craft their products and after realizing how strong the brand’s rings are (almost heavier-than-impressive, rather annoying way than the rings I made in my own factory), I officially . Of course then, I also snatched Steff Eloff’s Sedona and FF002 rings (getting the “send order” email was my specialty today). Up front, in my collection I already like some styles, and others are keeping an eye on me (more, Marier, seriously). Ready to level and stand out on them.

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