The Batman World Digital Mining Summit 2021 will be held in Dubai from November 09-10

HONG KONG, September 27, 2021 – The World Digital Mining Summit 2021 (WDMS) will be held in Dubai from November 09-10, the top producer of Bitcoin-World Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware. This will be the third WDMS event, hosted by Bitman and Antminar this year.

WDMS will bring together the world’s leading data center operators, hosting providers, mining pools, exchanges and other industry elites in the field of digital currency mining. At the same time, the summit created a professional platform to introduce renewable energy suppliers and investors to enter the industry.

This comprehensive digital currency mining exchange platform integrates new innovative technologies, business cooperation, data center construction, green energy mining opportunities, industry information exchange and the latest policy discussions for all participants participating in the Summit.

During the summit, Bitcoin will unveil the latest single mining container solutions and Antminer products. The company will continue to announce its progress and plans in building a global mining ecosystem, including the Global Sales Maintenance and Antminar Maintenance Training Center program.

The summit will feature dozens of lectures and interesting panel discussions on green energy mining development, globalization of mining, construction of data centers, expansion of mining activities, global policies and regulations and much more.

Bitman welcomes interested participants to join WDMS 2021. For more information and tickets, please visit

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