The Academy Museum of Lady Gaga Motion Pictures had all the sleeves

Lady Gaga picked up the red carpet at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Gala on Saturday night, and there was a lot of competition. The stars considered the evening to be their most glamorous look, but Gaga can complement the dramatic elegance she has achieved in her smooth black and powder blue gown, with sleeves that have almost fallen to the ground.

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The simplicity of Gaga’s dress was the perfect setting for her wide range of accessories, including the Chopard earrings that set the 26.82-carat diamond in 18k white gold. The earrings are from their “Haute Joaillerie Collection”. In her hand she slipped from the “Precious Lace Collection” to the “obscure” ring and set 1 feat.2 carat diamond in 18k ethical white gold.

Lady Gaga Earrings

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The event was co-chaired by Ava Duvarne, Ryan Murphy and Jason Bloom, and honored Sophia Loren and filmmaker Hale Jeremy. The event also honored Tom Hanks, Annette Benning and Bob Eger for their efforts to raise funds on behalf of the museum, which opened to the public in September0. The Willshire and Fairfax campus in LACMA is a new, 1,000,000-square-foot complex designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano.

It has been an agenda item for the academy for years to open this museum.

“We have to celebrate everything this city and form of industry has brought to the world. The end result is almost ten times our dream, ”Hanks said as he stepped onto the stage. “This building looks to me like the biggest magic lantern in the world that will take us to another world.”

“I thought it would be great for our industry, but also for our community,” Eger said in a pre-recorded video for the event. “The thing I’m most excited to see is a movie premiere – hopefully a Disney movie premiere – at this great David Geffen theater.”

In addition to Gaga, the guest list included Brad Pitt, Regina King, Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, Cher, Queen Latifa, Angela Bassett, Kate Hudson, Spike Lee, Patti Jenkins, Tiffany Hadish.

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