The 76ers are accustomed to living at home without dissatisfied Simmons

A man from Florida who turned a loose enclosure into a recyclable bin Described his thought process In search of reptiles:

“I’m not going to be Ben Simmons. I’m going to bring me this basket,” Eugene Bozi said in a TV interview.

Would you be surprised to learn that Alligator Wrangler was a resident of Philadelphia?

Without playing a game, Simmons has everything from wrestlers to meteorologists to Shaq, and no respite from humiliation, until he refuses to play for the Philadelphia 76ers. The three-time All-Star Guard missed the pre-season home opener of the Sixers on Thursday night-the official status update was “not with the team” এand now he’s one in Philly.

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Simmons was out of sight, out of mind, and out of the team pre-game hype video, with no hint of resolving the dirty breakup at any time without any public hint.

The Sixers have stopped talking about him, and really, who could add any substance to Joel MBD’s open rebuke last week that the melodrama was “weird, depressing, borderline-type disrespectful” fighting for their lives? The 25-year-old Australian, still with 147 million and four years left on his contract, is a bit more of a public punchline these days.

He has been dragged into social media, where he was silent while playing and ridiculed the coast in viral videos.

Take, for example, a pping wrapping wrestler who had some favorite words this week for a tag team waiting in the ring inside a packed philly yard. Max Custer Freestyle said he would “send the boys packing their names like Ben Simmons.” Distty began to chant to thousands of AW fans, well, “(awesome) Ben Simmons!”

Yes The most hated ankle in town A former No. 1 draft pick found this week অথবা or this season এক one-character pornography.

The Philadelphia meteorologist dug up the nickname “Hurricane” and opened a recent forecast, “Unlike Ben Simmons, we had to show up today.” Glenn Schwartz added, “We gave him every break, every encouragement.”

The reunion forecast is cloudy.

Shake Milton started on the point guard against Toronto after committing a tie maxi offense in the pre-season opener. In court, the only controversy is who runs the show in Simmons’ place.

“I don’t know if it’s a team where there’s a starting lineup,” said coach Doc Reverse. “It’s just going to be different guys, different nights. That’s how we’re going to play.”

Trying to make the No. 1 seed at the Eastern Conference last season, the Sixers will likely have to land an elite defender in a package deal for Simmons to stay a contender for an NBA championship. Raptors coach Nick Nurse knows the feeling of adjusting to the flat after losing superstars like Captain Leonard and Kyle Lowry.

“He’s one of their main boys,” the nurse said. “Any team that loses them, they feel the impact. We’ve also lost something over the years. I think it will take time, one through these battles, to find them. And it’s hard to replace them, until you go through them.”

Simmons’ postseason game, however, had a fatal flaw that boosted trade demand when he realized that River and his teammates weren’t behind him because of a miserable series against Atlanta. Simmons took the fall – then wanted out. He hasn’t spoken publicly since the summer trade demand, and tea leaf readers are trying to figure out formulas on how to deal with this stalemate.

The holdout comes at a cost.

Simmons has been the victim of financial penalties, with 25% of his salary already withheld and fined for missing practice and games, which could hit seven numbers even before the season opens on October 20.

He has at least one defender: Phil Native and comedian Kevin Hart went on the “All the Smoke” podcast and said that the city and the franchise are needed to make Simmons easier.

“That’s right, it’s time to shoot three times in the NBA. It’s not Ben. He’s not that guy. He’s not that guy,” Hart said. “Now, because of the media and how they are, you know, the way things are, the way we forgot all his good things. Wasn’t he an All-Star? Wasn’t he all a defensive team? What are we talking about? Here?”

We are talking about practice!

Oh, wait, wrong 76ers guard.

Alan Everson has the opportunity to be suitable for sixers like Seamers this season, although their gears occupy the same place in merchandise stores across the Wells Fargo Center.

The Simmons may be an NBA clearance rack, but its number 25 jersey is lower at the team store, priced at less than 13 134.99, and T-shirts, plush animals and fatheads (19 19.99) are still available.

About an hour before the team off, there were several loops around the concourse to find at least one fan wearing a Simmons March. Gerald MacDonald, a New Jersey resident who moved to Philly this year, wore the number 25 Simmons jersey in a Liberty Bell photo. McDonald bought it before last season’s playoffs to replace an isolated Everson jersey.

Like the 76ers, he has buyer remorse.

“He’s not feeling us anymore,” McDonald said. “I’m trying to figure out if there’s an insurance policy with Jersey. It looks like it’s over. It’s like a bad breakup. I think the fans have to deal with it, so I guess we’re done again. “

McDonald laughed because he mentioned that he should have chosen MBD.

“I was, Simmons isn’t bad, why not?” He said.

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