The 42-year-old saved 60 660,000 and moved to Mexico after losing his job

Roshida Dowe has always been a hard worker. From his early days as a receptionist to his decision to go to law school and spend years in Silicon Valley as a consumer automotive finance lawyer, he is well accustomed.

But in 2018, at the age of 39, when he was laid off and decided to capitalize on his new unemployment by taking a year off on a world tour, everything changed. During his travels, he realized that he likes to have the freedom to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and decides to turn his rest period into a full-time lifestyle.

Doe has left his life behind in the United States ever since. He now lives in Mexico City where he enjoys “accidental leisure”, works as a life trainer and runs his own YouTube channel. Now 42, Dowe’s investment portfolio is over 1 million, and he doesn’t plan to “retire” anytime soon.

Building a positive relationship with money

Although she grew up in a middle-class family, Dow’s parents didn’t talk to her often about their finances, she says.

“There were times when I knew we had [money] And there were times when I knew we didn’t, “Dow tells CNBC Make It.” But it wasn’t actually a matter of conversation. My parents kept me away from their money conversations. “

Early in his career, working as a receptionist after graduating from college, Doe was not very financially conscious. Part of taking her to law school at the University of Virginia was the realization that “I couldn’t handle myself” in her receptionist salary.

The law degree commands Dow to pay a much higher salary, but leaves him with more than $ 200,000 in the 200s of the student loan, some of which remains from his graduation year. He has worked hard to reduce his expenses and save money on his loans before spending on other things.

After graduating from the Virginia School of Law in 2006, Doe practiced law for 12 years.

Source: Roshida Dow

After paying his dues while working as a corporate councilor, Doe kept his habits and kept extra money for savings and investments.

“I got into the habit of keeping the same amount of money away every month,” he says. “As my income increased, I removed more money.”

Losing his job, but finding himself

In 2018, the company he worked for shut down his parent company, and he ended up being laid off and losing his six-figure salary, which at the time was about 200 200,000. Instead of looking for a new job right now, Dow has decided to take a year off to travel.

After retiring from his job as a corporate lawyer, Dow took a year to travel the world.

Source: Roshida Dow

During his years abroad, Doe visited 44 cities in 23 countries, but Mexico City is the only place he has visited more than once.

“I really liked how I felt when I was here,” he says. “I loved the power of the city.”

For this reason, despite his original plans to return to the United States after a break in his career and find a new job, Doe decided to stay in Mexico.

“Traveling and the way we work to die for ourselves in America is not common all over the world,” he said, “and I realized that if I could choose another life, I could have a different life.”

With more than half a million investments at the time and about $ 150,000 in stock from his old company, Doe calculated that he had enough money to live in Mexico City for at least “some time”.

“I paid off all my debts, I saved money,” he says. “And when I realized I didn’t want to work again, I did the math.”

He is currently on a 1-year residence visa and will be eligible to apply for a permanent visa within four years.

Although Mexico City is not an affordable place to live like other parts of the country, Dow said the 1, 1,200 rent for its high-rise apartment is still less than what it pays in the United States, costing about $ 2,300 per month per hour.

Living with dreams

While he was traveling, Doe posted updates about his journey so his family and friends could follow. Over time, he grew to follow fans, some of whom reached out for advice.

“Strangers, mostly women, would come up to me and say, ‘Have you taken a career break? I want to do it too. Can you tell me more about it?'” She says. “I was helping everyone who came, and I finally realized it could be a business.”

Now, Doe helps women as life coaches “who want to take a career break [and] Leave jobs that are not worthy of them

“A lot of my time is spent showing people the possibilities and showing them what their lives will be like, if they jump too,” Dow said. He also runs a YouTube channel where he records his travels.

These revenue streams bring in between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 per month. “The income I get from this prevents me from needing to withdraw anything from my investment,” he says.

Roshida Doe now lives in Mexico City.

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Despite the fact that he is running a successful business, Doe considers himself retired. She never works more than four days a week and sometimes takes weeks or months off which she wants to do.

“A lot of people think retirement means you’re not working at all, and if you’re working, you’re not really retired,” he says. “I just do what I like and do it whenever I want.”

In the end, her life is designed to maintain the level of happiness that she said she experienced during the trip, during which Dow said she was “my best version.”

“I was open, I wasn’t under pressure, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted,” she says. “When I had the opportunity to rebuild from the beginning of my life, I made a decision that made me happy.”

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