The 1/6 committee will quickly consider criminal charges against Steve Bannon

In a statement, the 1/6 committee leadership said they would quickly consider criminal contempt charges against Steve Bannon.

The 1/6 committee will quickly consider allegations of criminal contempt against Steve Bannon

Chair Benny Thompson and Vice-Chairman Liz Cheney said in a joint statement:

Although Mr. Meadows and Mr. Patel is still involved with the select committee, Mr. Bannon has hinted that he will try to hide behind the vague mention of the former president’s privileges. The Selection Committee fully expects that all of these witnesses will comply with our demands for both documents and statements.

While the Select Committee welcomes honest-to-goodness engagement with witnesses seeking to assist in our investigation, we will not allow any witnesses to reject valid evidence or attempt to end the clock, and we will consider proceeding with a criminal contempt of Congress referral expeditiously.

We thank those patriotic Americans who have volunteered to take part in our search. The committee is making rapid progress and will not be hindered by those who want to hinder our efforts.

Steve Bannon could go to jail to follow Trump’s plan

Trump has been trying to disrupt the trial by not allowing witnesses to comply with the 1/6 committee subpoena, but so far Bannon is the only eyewitness to Trump’s advice.

The difference that the committee made was fair. Eyewitnesses who are joining the committee on the basis of honest faith will not immediately face contempt charges.

People like Steve Bannon who refuse to cooperate and hide behind bogus executive privilege claims deserve criminal charges.

Bannon tried to investigate the 1/6 committee, and the investigation was immediately pushed back harshly.

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