The 1/6 committee summons to stop the theft

The 1/6 Committee has issued three new subpennas to stop The Theft Organizers and Stop The Theft Organization.

The 1/6 committee stopped stealing subpenas

Through: 1/6 Committee:

According to documents submitted to the Select Committee, an organization called “One Nation and God” submitted a permit application to the US Capitol Police in December 2020 for the “Electoral Fraud in Swing State” rally held at US Capitol. Field on January 6, 2021.

Nathan Martin’s phone number and email address were listed in the contact information for “One Nation and God”. A vendor who was listed on the permit application told Capitol Police that he had met Ali Alexander and Mr. Reporting to Martin and identifying both of them as associated with Stop the Steel. On two of its websites, Stop the Theft Capital advertised the rally event and asked for grants to cover the cost of January.

However, the permit application did not reveal any connection between Stop the Theft and Capital’s rally event. Moreover, at the end of December 2020, when a Capitol Police officer, Mr. Speaking to Martin, Mr. Martin claims that there is no information about the assembly and instructed the officer to speak with the seller. According to the police officer, the seller was “shocked” to learn this because he had “daily contact” with Mr. Martin about the incident.

After the January 6th attack, Mr. Alexander acknowledged in a statement that Stop the Theft “has been allowed to assemble for our ‘One Nation and God’ event.” Mr. Alexander explained that attendance at the rally in Ellipse was intended to direct the participants of the rally to rally directly to Lot 8 at the U.S. Capitol Ground, the place where the Capitol Police had approved “one nation under God.” Yet the permission application estimates that only 50 people will attend the event.

According to press reports, a few weeks before the January 6th attack, Mr. Alexander repeatedly mentioned the possible use of violence in achieving the organization’s goals during the Stop-the-Still-Sponsored event and claimed to have contacted White. Members of the House and Congress plan to match the 2020 Electoral College results certificate. In addition, Mr. Alexander addressed a rally organized by the Eighty percent Coalition at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC on January 5, 2021, and led the crowd with the slogan “Victory or Death”.

Stop The Theft, LLC Mr. Alexander, seems to be a corporate entity associated with Mr. Martin and stop the theft. The Terms of Service on the Stop the Theft website refer to Stop the Theft, LLC.

The subpenners are required to make a record by October 21, 2021, and Mr. Martin and Mr. Alexander are required to testify in the October 28 and October 2 statements, respectively.

Last week, the Select Committee issued subpenas to 11 people associated with the rally held in Ellipse on January 6, 2021, before the violent attack on the Capitol. In addition, the selection committee issued subpenas seeking records and testimony from four people closely associated with the former president in the days surrounding the January uprising.

The 1/6 committee is looking at the connection between theft, the White House and the Capitol attack

The House 1/6 Committee investigation is a different track, but it follows the same line as the Senate Judiciary Committee report on Trump’s conspiracy to overturn Trump’s election.

It is no coincidence that Trump held an Oval Office meeting on January 3, 2021 to press the DOJ, and the Capitol was attacked three days later.

The more evidence comes out, the clearer the picture is that after Trump’s coup plot with the coup DJ failed to overthrow the election, he tried to block the election credentials with a 1/6 attack.

The 1/6 committee is systematically fencing off Donald Trump.

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