The 1/6 committee dropped the subpona hammer and demanded the testimony and record of Jeffrey Clark by 10/29.

The 1/6 committee gave Jeffrey Clark more than two weeks to testify and return his record.

The 1/6 committee subpained Jeffrey Clark

Through: 1/6 Committee:

Chairman Benny G. Thompson announced today that the Select Committee has issued a survey to Jeffrey Clark, a former judicial official involved in efforts to cancel the 2020 presidential election and prevent a peaceful transfer of power. A statement and record were sought from Mr. Clarke as part of the Select Committee’s investigation into the January incident and the causes of the violence that day.


According to a report released last week by the Senate Committee on Justice, there is credible evidence that Mr. Clark was involved in efforts to prevent a peaceful transfer of power. Mr. Clark offered to send a letter to Georgia to encourage state legislators and others to delay certification of election results. Moreover, he suggested holding a press conference that the department was investigating allegations of voter fraud despite the lack of evidence. Both proposals were rejected by the senior leadership of the department due to lack of practical basis and inconsistency with the institutional role of the department.

The report further details that Mr. Clark has failed to follow departmental policy when it comes to communicating with the White House, and former President Mr. Considering appointing Clark as acting attorney general.

To testify, Mr. Clarke must create a record and testify in a statement dated October 2, 2021.

Clark is the first identified coup co-conspirator to be hired.

Clark will try to evade the appeal, but the nation will soon see how serious he is when Trump’s allies begin to face criminal charges.

The 1/6 committee is not wasting time.

Clark was going to take charge of the DOJ and work to reverse the election for Trump. There is information about both the coup plot and the 1/6 attack, and Jeffrey Clark.

The committee is coming after the coup plotters, because the situation is getting worse for Trump every day.

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