TGP’s Jim Huft destroys MSM lie vaccine, #MeToo, Informers poll (video)

Gateway Pundit founder Jim Huft spread lies about the coronavirus epidemic, mRNA injections, the #MeToo movement, election audits, and Joe Biden’s long-standing habit of inappropriately touching women and children. Alex Jones show.

Huff said, “We have this stupidity that these people are throwing at us and throwing at us, including Dr. Fawcett – the megalomaniac who is behind making this vaccine.” InfoWars Host Owen Schroeder during the extensive interview. “He is the producer of coronavirus in Uhan Lab. Yet, he is the one who tells us how to deal with it. It’s absolutely crazy. ”

Howf argued that the drugs that the Fausi and mainstream media strongly dismiss are the ones that effectively treat Covid are deadly.

“I have a feeling that it is [pandemic] It won’t be clear until Dr. Fawcett leaves. He should be judged because what he has done is genocide by condemning hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which could save millions of lives. “We know these are effective means of treating this coronavirus and he has prevented people from using it. It’s offensive. Again, the media has consistently lied about this. ”

Running: BREAKING: The FBI has asked Great Barrett Jeremy Brown to attend the Jan protests and stand outside the Capitol – after refusing to divulge their information!

Not only is the media risking their lives by lying about the covid vaccine and coronavirus treatment, the press is deliberately protecting Biden by ignoring the illegal and brutal harassment of the illegitimate president and the indecency of women and children.

“It’s like Clinton 2.0. Isn’t it interesting that the #MeToo movement – I think they gave it up because everyone they caught was a Democrat, “he said. “They are pushing all these Democrats out of these platforms. It was never about women. It was never about harassment. That was how they could punish Trump, which didn’t work.

“Joe Biden captured this woman in boxing and baseball games last night. She can’t help it. They don’t care. If they care, we’ll see more about it. It explains a lot about her son and his strange behavior – very strange that he can orgasm with so many people around the world.

Huff thought to himself that if the perpetrators of the 2020 fraud, who made thousands of fake votes, were not investigated, America, as we know it, would collapse.

“It gets no press: 82,000 of these ballots [audited] In Marikopa County, they saw these people, they didn’t find their social security numbers, they didn’t find their addresses – they didn’t find anything, “he said.” They have to investigate. If we can’t, then it’s really the end of our country. We believe there’s enough to file a complaint and they’ll have to look at some more of these ballots. At the moment it could be up to thousands.

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