Texas Secretary of State’s Office Announces Full Forensic Audit in 4 Texas Counties

In August the Texas Senate passed a Republican election integrity bill after a failed Democrat Philipbuster ended 15 hours later.
Through America First Audit Channel.

The vote passed 18-11.

Democrats also tried to stop this audit – in Texas!
Why are they so nervous about auditing?

On Thursday, the Secretary of State for Texas announced that it would conduct a full and consistent forensic audit in four Texas counties, including the two largest Democrat counties in the state.

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This is great news for the rule of law and for the future of this country.

Of course, the Democrats are against it.

CBS Local reports:

The Secretary of State for Texas announced Thursday that Sept. 23 will conduct a full and comprehensive forensic audit of any election and has already begun the process in Texas’ two largest Democrat counties and two largest Republican counties ড Dallas, Harris, Taranto, and more. Colin – for the 2020 election.

In a statement sent to CBS 11, it said in part: Under existing Texas law, the Secretary of State has the power to conduct a full and comprehensive forensic audit. We hope the legislature will provide funding for this purpose.

Earlier, in an open letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, former President Donald Trump backed House Bill 16 (PDF), which called for a “review of the 2020 general election results.”

“During your second special session in Texas, your great State House and Senate election monitoring bills were considered. Instead, the legislature passed a watershed-amendment that doesn’t apply to the 2020 presidential election,” said President Trump. Does not answer the question. Texans demand a real audit to fully address their concerns.

Seth Keshel investigated the fraud in Texas earlier this year.

Cassell and Clement: Biden had an estimated 675,000 fake votes in Texas – the actual vote for Trump was probably 55% – 43%

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