Texas officials prepare for what could be the largest group of illegal immigrants on the shaky border

Texas state officials are preparing for a group of 60,000 Haitian immigrants trying to enter the United States illegally.

This group, if it is so large, could be the largest possible attempt to cross the southern border.

A report in the Washington Examiner states that “the number of Haitian immigrants entering the United States may be four times higher than the group formed in Del Rio last month, leading to chaos as 15,000 people camped under an international bridge awaiting federal custody.”

State and local enforcement are not allowed to arrest illegal aliens for immigration offenses, but they can make arrests for their violations. Governor Greg Abbott says he has prepared the Texas National Guard to do just that.

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Governor Abbott tweeted, “Texas National Guard is preparing to step up efforts to cross the border because of Biden’s open border policy.” “They’re working with the Texas Department of Public Safety to seal off ge-bound areas along the border and arrest intruders.”

The investigator continued the report, saying that “another 60,000 Haitians are heading to the United States out of the 20,000 who arrived in Del Rio last month. Another 30,000 Haitian migrants are trying to cross the border into Colombia and go to Panama.”

Many Haitians have been living safely in South America for years, meaning some have tried to claim they do not need asylum.

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