Ted Cruz refuses to talk to Trump as soon as the 1/6 committee closes

On Sunday, Ted Cruz opposed a detailed report on his January 6 conversation with Trump, as the 1/6 committee was blocking Trump’s call logs.

Ted Cruz abruptly refuses to talk to Trump on 1/6

Sen. Cruz’s (R-TX) video on CBS’s Face the Nation:

Copy by Face the Nation:

Margaret Brennan: If I had not asked you about the state of our own democracy, I would have regretted it. I know you condemned the January 6 violence, but in that book Peril, Bob Woodward, and Robert Costa reported your detailed conversations with then-President Donald Trump on January 6, and you knew that Congress had no authority. To reverse the election. Has persuading skeptics harmed our democracy and our position in the world?

Sen. Cruz: Well, I didn’t read that particular book, and I didn’t have a conversation with President Trump on January 6th.

Margaret Brennan: Didn’t you talk to her in the way they did?

Sen. Cruz: But I can tell you under the Constitution-

Margaret Brennan: But they detail some of your conversations with the President in the book about challenging the election.

Sen. Cruz: I have no idea – I have no idea what is written in that book – but I did not have a conversation with them on January 8. But I also know what the constitution gives and –

Margaret Brennan: Or until January 6? –

Sen. Cruz: I have had many conversations with him day-week and month-January 6, II with the President sometimes once a week or once a day. But my point is simple. Under the Constitution, Congress has a role to play in ensuring that votes are cast. And what I did, I did, was to assemble a team of 11 senators, and we objected to the call for a foreign election commission to review and evaluate the allegations of voter fraud and to consider the evidence.

Peril’s book has been published for months, but Sen. Cruz has never denied the details of his detailed conversation with Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is playing a risky game, because if he talks to Trump, the documents that the 1/6 committee is looking for will probably have some evidence of that conversation.

The 1/6 committee was interested in Sense Cruz and Paul’s activities before, during and after the attack.

The 1/6 committee is digging, and Ted Cruz says he hasn’t talked to Trump, but if he does, he won’t be able to hide it for long.

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