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Week of September 27 – October 3, 2021

Health is an asset, Taurus, but there is no “one size fits all” prescription for optimal wellness. Research, experiments and learning are all in storage from the Monday, September 2 starting date when the inquisitive Mercury planet Libra and your Salubarius return to the sixth house. No one knows your body better than you, Bull. From now until October 18, it is important to listen to that wisdom, then consult with experts. Prevention is the best of all. If you feel active and great, how can you hum yourself like a good oiled machine? Vitamins and supplements (including diet-based foods) are a matter of observation. Massage and acupuncture, for example, can keep you bright, healthy and productive while the temperature is cold.

Book a doctor’s appointment to make sure you’re running at your best. Ask friends to recommend a great MD, probably one who practices western medicine as well as natural medicine. A blood panel can reveal where you lack nutrients that can affect thyroid or adrenal function. If nothing urgent, get their books after October 18, when Mercury is live. Or stay in very clear contact with Doc and go the extra mile to advocate for yourself. If the prescription doesn’t fit, you just don’t have to go with it! Reduce workload by getting processes recorded and methodically. As a result productivity may increase!

The heart-melting Venus-Neptune train makes people friendly as your top priority and gets priority over everything else this Wednesday. All types of relationships need care and feeding. At work, check with coworkers to see how they feel about the progress of a project you are working on together. Keep the dialogue open for discovery. Ruffled feathers can be quickly smoothed out after returning to the same page about procedures and deadlines. Seems like a friendship is going to dry up on the vine? You can bring it back to life with a little effort. If you do not have time for socially distant visits, contact us to get dates in the books. Suggest a few options of availability so that it actually happens.

How far will you go to seal a deal? On Thursday, Jupiter in Aquarius enters “no limit” and your career enters a tangled angle with Venus (90 degree square) in Scorpio. You may have the biggest partner for this project, but nonetheless, you can bite more than you can legally chew. It’s easy! You like a creative challenge, but it can get you over your head. (Oh, stress!) Burning yourself with stress is no way to survive. If you are going to add a new project to your plate, you may have to move away from other commitments to maintain your integrity. With these eroded planets on fire trading, you can spend more on a status symbol than you do. Before you indulge in that leather statement bag or luxury watch, deduct a portion of your “disposable income” from your savings account or investment portfolio. And hold it for 2 hours, because when you get a chance to move away and regain clarity, greed can stop.

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