Tampa Bay Race has mastered baseball analysis and continues to outperform ‘oldhead’ teams.

Ray gets it.

Ray gets it.
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Analysis has taken over the world of baseball. Depending on who you’re asking, you’ll get one of three responses:

  1. What is analysis? Isn’t this the capital of Maryland?
  2. Great! We must always find ways to improve the game and make teams and players better!
  3. That’s terrible! We don’t need fancy mathematicians to tell us who’s good at baseball and who’s not.Or football).

Okay, Tampa Bay Ray is proving group number three wrong.

Over the past half-decade or so, Tampa Bay Ray has slowly entered the realm of baseball’s elite ball club. Since 2001, despite playing in the toughest division of baseball, Ray has not finished worse than third in their division, consistently increasing their winning percentage, and has always done so. Salary-allowance down-five across the league. This uninterrupted improvement over the years could not have happened without some extraordinary luck in Major League Baseball. No team as poor as Race will be able to keep their key contributors for years unless tons of players are ready to take their place in their farm system. However, it will take many years to have relatively many qualified players in the small game, and an insane amount of luck to continue winning at the Major League level … for the rest of the league.

The Rays are one of the first teams in Major League Baseball Take advantage of the analysis. They are by far the most analytically advanced team throughout Major League Baseball. They have used analysis as a tool not only for skilled players they can use in the future, but also as a development tool for those players so that they get as good as possible before they reach the Major League stage, and the results of these tests have been insane.

Each level of race baseball was a success in 2021. Five of their domestic minor league associates (Durham Bulls, Montgomery Biscuits, Bowling Green Hot Rods, Charleston Riverdogs, FCL Ray) reached their level championships. Four of them won the championship, and the one that didn’t win came within one run of the Montgomery Biscuit win. It’s an unreasonably well-managed organization, and a game where rich teams dominate year after year, year after year, the magnitude of a team sport is unbelievable just by looking at the data that no one else is willing to.

Clearly, baseball has a problem with elitism. Oldheads love to sit in the corner and talk about how you don’t need advanced metrics or weighted statistics to determine who is the best player for your team. When they talk about good days “Stupid” Did not occupy the sport.

Well, guess what? Money is still king, but knowledge nowadays seems to be a second. Of course, there are still teams, managers and players who live their old ways and find success. There have been times when analysts have come back to bite the team at Daria, such as Ray’s manager Kevin Cash Dragged Blake Snell from Game 6 The 2020 World Series, because the data told him to do, but you forget that he still reached the World Series at one of the lowest salaries in Major League Baseball. His team had the second best record in the league, and you want to bring him down because of a bad decision? These are bound to happen!

There are also examples of managers improving their team after coming up with the concept of analysis. Look no further than Gabe Kepler, manager of the San Francisco Giants and potential recipient of the 2021 NL Manager of the Year award. In 2019, Kepler, then manager of Philadelphia Phillies, Hate the use of analysis. He hated using computer data to run a team and thought it was harmful to the game. With Kepler frustrated as Fillers manager and leading the clubhouse in his two years, Philis never got over 500. He then goes to the Giants, and, like the plot of a Hallmark movie, learns the flaws of his path, Loses in the world of analysis, And stunned the world of baseball for two years in a row. First, in 2020, when his Giants were supposed to be one of the worst teams in the league, they were still looking for a play-off until the very last day of the season. Then, in 2021, its giants continue to be at the top of the MLB standings, ahead of powerhouses like Los Angeles and Houston.

If you look, it’s easy to see where the baseball world is heading. Teams that continue to play according to the old rules throw a team in the dust that spends a quarter of what they do. The Race is the most well-organized organization in baseball. They have established themselves as an influential force over the years and they have done so by moving away from traditional enduring baseball values. Checkmate, Oldheads. Your time is past.

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