Taliban news calls for Qatar’s involvement in the humanitarian crisis

Qatar believes that recognizing the Taliban government in Afghanistan is no longer a priority and should focus on joining the new administration and resolving humanitarian issues.

Qatar’s special envoy to the foreign ministry, Mutlaq al-Qahtani, on Tuesday called on other countries to engage more deeply with the Taliban as Afghanistan’s de facto authority, and called on the group to act as a “responsible” administration and respect women’s rights. At work and girls go to school.

“We think so [recognition] Not a priority. Al-Qahtani said at a global security forum in Doha that “humanitarian, education, free access to passengers are more important than what we are saying now.”

Al-Qahtani explained why Qatar has encouraged involvement with the Taliban, who have been carrying out suicide bombings and killings of soldiers and civilians for years. Although the group seeks international recognition and agrees to a peace deal with the United States, it has publicly resorted to hanging and other brutal tactics since taking power.

“If we’re going to be isolated and not involved with them, I think we’re making the same mistake we did in 1989 … when we left Afghanistan, the Afghan people,” he said.

“One consequence of this action is 9/11, so I think we should learn from this.”

How to get involved with the Taliban is a problem for countries around the world. 1 Only three countries recognized the Taliban regime in Afghanistan during their previous rule in the late 1990s. So far no country has declared formal recognition, although neighboring Pakistan has also encouraged involvement with the Taliban.

Qatar, which hosted talks between the Taliban and Western officials, where al-Qahtani said he was participating, is seen as one of the countries influencing the movement.

The Gulf state has been critical of the chaotic U.S. flight of more than a million people from Kabul since it seized the Taliban’s capital on August 15 and has organized face-to-face talks between the Taliban and the United States.

‘More collaborations’

Al-Qahtani said the only way forward was to provide “more cooperation, assistance and support” to the current Taliban administration, but that Afghanistan needed to move toward an inclusive government in an internal process through which Afghans could decide their future.

At a virtual meeting of 20 industrialized and emerging market countries on Afghanistan on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the international community should keep the channel of dialogue with the Taliban open so that it can be “patiently and gradually driven to establish a more inclusive government”.

Erdogan said Turkey, a close ally of Qatar and which has already hosted more than 3 … million Syrians, could not exploit the influx of refugees from Afghanistan, warning that European countries would also be affected by the new wave of migration.

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants the G20 to set conditions for recognizing the Taliban, including ensuring women’s rights. This sentiment was echoed by the nations at the meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

Nearly two months after the fall of the former Western-backed government and the fall of the Taliban to Kabul, the Taliban administration has pushed for closer ties with other countries to help avoid a devastating economic crisis.

But the group has so far refused to lay the groundwork for allowing girls to return to high school, one of the main demands of the international community last month that schools above sixth grade open only for boys last month.

Al-Qahtani said it was “unacceptable” to keep girls out of school [Islamic] Religious perspective. “

Girls’ education was a limited number of vague positive gains from two decades of Western involvement in Afghanistan.

The remarks came a day after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on the Taliban to keep “promises” made to girls and women in Afghanistan. He added that the Afghan people do not have to suffer collective punishment because of the Taliban, and called for continued humanitarian assistance.

The Taliban said after a meeting with US officials in Doha on Sunday that the United States had agreed to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. The U.S. statement was less specific, stating that both sides “directly discussed the provision of strong U.S. humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people.”

The European Union on Tuesday announced a 1 billion euro (১ 1.15 billion) aid package for the Afghan people.

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