Taliban disperse bodies of alleged abductors in Herat Taliban news

The four bodies of the suspected kidnappers were displayed at various places in the city of Herat ‘to warn all criminals’, one of which was hung from a crane.

The Taliban displayed the bodies of four abductors from a crane parked on the outskirts of a city in Herat, Afghanistan, and hung one of them, a commander said it was intended to deter “criminals”.

Resident Mohammad Nazir said he was shopping for food near Mostofiat Square in Herat on Saturday when he heard a loudspeaker announcement that caught people’s attention.

“When I stepped forward, I saw they brought a body in a pick-up truck, then they hung it on a crane,” he was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

Taliban officials initially brought the four bodies to the central square in the western city of Herat, then moved the three of them to other parts of the city for public display, said Wazir Ahmad Siddiqui, who runs a pharmacy at the edge of the square.

Sediki said Taliban officials announced that four people had taken part in an abduction early Saturday and had been killed by police.

A video from an Associated Press news agency showed a crowd gathering around the crane and some people staring at the corpse while chanting.

“The purpose of this action is to warn all criminals that they are not safe,” a Taliban commander, who did not identify himself, said in an on-camera interview conducted at AP Square.

Herat’s Taliban-appointed district police chief Ziaul Haq Jalali said a father and son abducted by four kidnappers had been rescued by Taliban members after an exchange of gunfire.

He said a Taliban fighter and a civilian were wounded by the kidnappers and the kidnappers were killed in crossfire.

Since the Taliban took control of Kabul on August 15 and seized control of the country, Afghans and the world have been watching to see if they will rebuild their harsh regime in the late 1990s, including public stoning and mutilation of alleged criminals. , Some of which took place in front of a huge crowd at a stadium.

Death penalty, separation

Mullah Nuruddin Turabi, one of the Taliban’s founders and chief enforcer of Afghanistan’s harsh regime in the 1990s, told the AP this week that the armed movement would again carry out executions and cut off hands, although perhaps not publicly.

“Everyone in the stadium criticized us for the punishment, but we never said anything about their laws and their punishment,” Turabi said. “No one will tell us what our law should be. We will abide by Islam and make our laws based on the Quran.

The group’s leaders are deeply committed to the conservative, hardcore worldview, even if they embrace technological changes like video and mobile phones.

President Joe Biden’s administration indicated Friday that the United States would not tolerate the Taliban returning to their former form of punishment.

“We strongly condemn the reports of the separation and reinstatement of Afghans,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

“The actions that the Taliban are talking about here will constitute a clear violation of human rights, and we will strongly urge the international community to hold such abusers accountable.”

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