Talecraft, a PvP play-to-earn cardboard game, will soon launch on Roco’s RocoStarter IGO platform

Crypto is changing. Where once ICO investment proposals were ideal, play-to-earn has become an increasingly popular way for users to apply crypto and many more. Playing on a metaverse and winning awards for a committed time reflects the model of the gaming industry and eager opportunities await. Rocostarter’s new Metavers cardboard game Telcraft wants to fill the void left by Metavers-minded crypto investors. Roco has already had success in the play-to-earn market after partnering with Rise Online to launch their platform.

Talecraft, a PvP play-to-earn cardboard game, will soon be launched on the Avalanche network via Roco’s RocoStarter IGO platform. RocoStarter serves as a launching point that allows partner companies to interact with potential players and offer investment options. Companies can not only reach potential player bases, but also provide technical support. Rocostar contributes to the token economy of projects by ensuring secure trade opportunities for investors while retaining the skills provided after the incubation and culture stages.

Hosted on the Avalanche network, RocoStarter is a community-supported startup platform based on decentralization. In order to ensure fair performance for participants looking for early investment options, RocoStarter seeks to provide preferential participation to Venture Capital and similar groups. The end result should be a platform capable of ensuring equal opportunity access to the early stages of crypto projects that are often difficult to access.

RocoStarter not only aims to accomplish the aforementioned tasks, the platform also works to deliver initial dex offers by holding those ROCO tokens. Further struggles such as marketing, development, advertising, and lack of advice can be alleviated through partnerships with RocoStarter and the support of an in-house team of experts. DAO services are also available for potential partnerships, enabling one to create a pool to stack on the platform.

To join an IGO at RocoStarter, one must complete the KYC process and then use the Roco Token to participate in Starter Pools. After that, users can participate in the required minimum amount of Roco tokens, visit the IGO page and vote to participate in the upcoming IGO. If users are eligible to participate, they can join Live IGO once by clicking the “Join IGO” button and exchange their $ AVAX to buy new project tokens. Once exchanged, the new token will be automatically sent to their wallet.

Telecraft uses a unique mint and craft mechanic, which allows players to increase strength through NFT alchemy. Elemental base cards are sold weekly, allowing enterprising players to participate in medieval metavers. NFT holders receive the $ AVAX yield generated by the game’s ecosystem. To be guaranteed participation with Talecraft, users must receive a $ 400 ROCO token to purchase a RA CRAFT token and vote to join the Talecraft IGO. Stacking for the telecraft began on November 19th. The project released with a supply of thirty million CRAFT to the public for 3.75 million, including .28 USD per token or one million fifty thousand dollars.

Realizing the current crypto market is not the easiest thing. But with the help of Roco’s telecraft, one can use their time to increase their holdings in the medieval metavers, a platform that strives for transparency and equal opportunities for players. Join Talecraft and be rewarded for your efforts as well as gain new exciting cards through Alchemy. For many crypto investors, play-to-earn is an interesting option, and the fact that Telecraft will soon be released on the horizon is definitely worth watching.

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