Syrian government rebel-controlled Idlib shelling kills 4 Bashar al-Assad Khabar

The attacks came after repeated violations of a ceasefire in March last year.

Syrian government artillery shells hit a rebel-held town near the Turkish border on Saturday, killing four people and wounding more than a dozen.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, three policemen were among the victims of the attack in the Idlib governorate town of Sarmada, whose station was hit directly, injuring at least 17 people.

The opposition Syrian Civil Defense, also known as White Helmet, said the shelling was in the city and on a road connecting the Bab al-Hawar border crossing point with Turkey. The Civil Defense reported that four people were killed but the number of injured was higher, 2. John.

The shelling comes amid growing tensions at the rebels’ latest base in northwestern Syria, where a ceasefire in March last year has been repeatedly violated in recent weeks.

A ceasefire in talks between Turkey, which is with the Syrian opposition, and Russia, the main sponsor of the Syrian government, has ended a repressive government offensive in northwestern Syria.

The war monitor said the attack was claimed by a group known as supporters of the Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Company, an armed group that had previously claimed responsibility for attacks on Turkish forces.

The area is home to the country’s last rebel enclave and is home to millions of displaced people.

The Syrian government has promised to regain control of the region, which was lost during the 10-year conflict that began in March 2011.

The army stepped up bombings in the northwestern enclave when President Bashar al-Assad was sworn in for a new term on July 17.

As al-Assad took an oath and promised to “liberate those parts of the country that still need to be liberated,” the attack on the villages of Idlib in Sharjah and Ehsin killed one civilian, including seven children.

The following week, Syrian government artillery shells hit the village of Iblin, killing seven members of the same family, including four children.

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