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Press release. Jug, Switzerland: Swiss One Capital AG, a specialized digital asset manager, has partnered with ISP Securities AG to launch their Smart Index Crypto Fund Tracker Certificate, focusing on blockchain investment funds. This fund tracker certificate capitalizes on 50 of the best cryptocurrencies of the first type, providing unprecedented market exposure compared to private currencies, exchanges, DFIs and other platforms. Swiss One Capital’s in-depth experience in crypto space combined with their premier conservancy services can give professional, qualified investors the edge in enhancing the performance of their portfolio in their jurisdiction (through this completely incomplete asset class).

“When we launched our first flagship financial product in 2019, we got a lot of attention and encouragement from the market. This new Tracker Certificate offers professional investors an investment of up to € 1,000, making it a much more readily available investment than underlying funds. Each certificate is supported by the underlying registered equivalent investment Mutual funds provide certificate holders with peace of mind that their investments are in safe hands. And every year, Switzerland’s smart index Bitcoin has lost its investment performance from .62. %% to 3.6%, respectively, ”said Anthony Turner, COO of Swiss One Capital.

Committed to delivering continuous financial innovation, Swisson’s Fund Tracker Certificate is built with carefully tested trading parameters, aimed at replicating the performance of a portfolio weighing the equivalent of the world’s top 50 crypto assets. It offers the largest asset of any crypto investment fund to date, and new clients can start with just € 1,000 investment. These assets are transferred according to market capitalization and are passively determined by the market, using smart rearrangement and allocation rules that give higher returns with the extra weight of strong performing assets.

This reduces the risk of increased market exposure provided by the Fund Tracker Certificate, especially for those who lack experience in potentially volatile crypto markets while allowing investors to take advantage of promising up-and-coming projects.

“Just do a simple search on cryptocurrencies and you will see how complex and intricate this asset class really is. A person can’t just keep Bitcoin accounts, exclude the top cryptocurrencies on the market. Our goal is to give investors a simple, secure and affordable price Providing through a regulated funding structure for investing in the larger crypto market, where we allow the market to speak through a passive strategy., CEO of Swiss One Capital.

The crypto investment space continues to gain interest from both experienced investors and newcomers. Nevertheless, complications are added with increasing probability. As an expert in blockchain investment funds, Swisson Capital is uniquely equipped to help new and experienced investors reach their goals. One of the main objectives of Switzerland is to keep the assets of its investors safe. To this end, they have partnered with blue-chip service providers to ensure that crypto assets are securely secured, and that transactions are ringfenced to trusted parties.

The Smart Index Crypto Fund Tracker Certificate follows the highest quality financial and blockchain standards যা as expected from Swiss-made services এবং and is fully supported by investing in the underlying Cayman Registered Mutual Fund. Client assets are protected by institutional-grade security through the multi-signature authentication required for all transactions, and all private keys are protected within custom-developed, non-essential hardware protection modules.

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To learn more about Swisson Capital AG, or to schedule an interview with their team, please call + 1-603-306-3645 or e-mail You can also find out more on the SwissOne Capital AG website

Smart Index Crypto Fund Limited is limited by shares with a registered number as an exempt company under the Cayman Islands Act [C344261]. It is registered as a mutual fund under Section 4 (3) of the Cayman Mutual Fund Act and is subject to continued obligation under the Cayman Mutual Fund Act. It is only available to qualified professional investors outside the United States and as defined in your local jurisdiction.

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