Survey: Most Americans think that those who reject vaccines should not lose their jobs

By Casey Harper (Center Square)

President Joe Biden’s new Federal Vaccine Mandate vote shows that a majority of Americans think that vaccinated workers should lose their jobs.

The Convention of States Action has been published Vote On Wednesday, which reported that 5% of surveyed voters “do not believe that Americans would lose their jobs if they objected to their COVID-19 vaccine.”

The survey also found that 22.2% believe that those who reject orders should lose their jobs, while 12.8% are not sure. This information comes at a time when healthcare workers across the country have lost their jobs due to refusal of vaccines, which has caused problems for staff in some hospitals.

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Under Biden’s rule, millions more workers could be in the same position.

Mandate’s feelings were significantly different based on political affiliation. According to the survey, “.6..6% of independent voters do not believe that Americans will lose their jobs if they object to the Covid-1 vaccine, while 15.5% believe that they should, and 20..9% are not sure. . “

These independents continue to be the main swing voters targeted by both parties in election years.

The poll found that Republic.5% of Republican voters do not want the irresistible to lose their jobs and .9.9% of Democrats feel the same way.

The mandate in question requires all federal employees and government contractors to be vaccinated. Other new rules and guidelines released by the Biden administration earlier this month require all businesses, including more than 100 employees, to have their employees vaccinated or tested weekly.

“This plan will ensure that we use every available tool to combat Covid-1 combat and save more lives in the months ahead, as well as keep schools open and safe and protect our economy from lockdown and damage,” the White House said. Declare the mandate.

1 States State Action Convention in partnership with the Trafalgar Group to conduct the survey from September 1 to September 1. They asked a thousand questions to potential voters in 2022.

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Biden has already faced lawsuits against the need, and more than two dozen Republican governors have made clear their opposition to the vaccine mandate. Legal challenges and nationwide divisions in the federal order have created a potential legal showdown that could go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A different one Vote The same group released earlier this month found that Americans support Republican governors who oppose the mandate. According to the survey, 5.6%% of survey participants “do not believe that President Biden has the constitutional authority to force private entities to make vaccines mandatory for employees.”

According to the same survey data, about 30% of surveyed voters said the president has authority and 11.7% are uncertain. Meanwhile, 55.5% of surveyed voters reported that the mandate “sets a precedent that could be abused by future presidents on other issues.”

Syndicated with permission from Center Square.

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