Supreme True Religion puts its spin on the gene

As if someone needed more confirmation, the trend of every 2000 has come back a lot. Today’s clothing in the spotlight: True Religion, better known as Agus’ favorite denim brand, who has teamed up with Supreme for a new collection this month.

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While most of the Y2K fashion nostalgia has been replication-centric rather than reverential, Supreme X True Religion blends and matches the silhouettes and details in a way that feels like a Jim Jones era era of hip-hop fashion. The classic supreme cargo pants have a baggy-fried pair that has been treated to a true religion: glossy white stitching, double-ressed denim whisking and signature horse pocket embroidery. Matching those pants comes in four different colors, including a tracker jacket (which can be worn together, in 2 chain styles), camo and baby pink. Supreme even replaces the usual 5-panel hat for the 6-panel suitable for its era, complete with rhinestones.

Courtesy of the Supreme

Fans initially suspected a possible collaboration when Tyson Jones – a supremely-sponsored skateboarder:Wore An purple zip-up hoodie featuring both the Supreme Logo and True Religion’s guitar-driven Buddha Graphic at an event earlier this month. Following the filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2020 came the official announcement on the way to a 15-month reorganization of True Religion. Moving towards cooperation, especially those that could appeal to General Z, says Forbes May: “Like everyone else in the digital world, we’re promotional.”

Courtesy of the Supreme

At the rate we’re going at, it was really a matter of time before Fergie got a supreme collab in the prophetic Black Eyed Pea “My Humps” 2005 before a brand. A top comment in the brand’s Instagram announcement post reads: “This is the weird timeline we’re living in.”

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