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The omnipresent left, the technology giant, the fake news media and the internet troll continue their attacks on The Gateway Pundit.

After deleting us from Twitter and closing our shadows on Facebook, YouTube, Google, Pinterest and Instagram, the leftists thought they had dropped us off the map – but they were wrong.

Gateway Pandit’s philosophy continues to grow. And increase. And increase!

Running: Colin Powell died of covid complications at the age of COVID – he was fully vaccinated

Since that didn’t work, the leftists are harassing the big advertising agencies that work with us. Google’s advertising services have recently come under pressure and completely fascinated Gateway Pundit.

We only make money by advertising on our website – and now the leftists want to get rid of it.

Leftists are using their power on advertising to destroy us.

To fix this, we’ve launched a new subscription program.

But not everyone can afford a subscription.

So we worked with good people at MyPillo to create new opportunities: MyPilo.com’s TGP page

On that page, you’ll find the latest sales from MyPillow – and by putting “TGP” in the promotional code box, you’ll support Gateway Pundit.

Bookmark the page: Mypillow.com/tgp

Here are some recent sales on that page:

50% off beautiful Giza bed sheets:

Here’s what customers had to say:

– “My best sheet is the one I slept on. Ordering my set. Never buy another sheet. Perfect thickness. Silky soft and cool feeling. ”

– “The best sheets we have. An incredible price – they don’t break your wallet. After about 10 washes when you really notice the difference. The first time is great, but the more you use and wash them, the better they will get. They always have a cool, crisp feeling. You will never be overheated. The softest thing I’ve ever felt in Central Virginia is that the humidity in the summer becomes ungodly. It feels good to be wrapped in a cool shiny sheet at night. ”

– “I love these sheets. I’ve slept the best so far and they fit the mattress so well. I have 2 sets but hope to buy more. You won’t regret buying these sheets.”

Click here to see them before they run out of stock again!

Also, Mike recently launched a new product – My Slippers – now 50% off!

Mike says: “When I made my new Slipper, I wanted the Slipper to have everything you need. I wanted a slipper that was more comfortable than anything before it but durable enough to be worn all day, indoors and out. That’s why I created an exclusive 3-tier cushion system that combines two layers of foam with a patented impact gel so you can never close them. But I didn’t stop there, I finished my myslippers with a beautiful leather sweater, comfortable faux fur lining and an indoor / outdoor sole. I guarantee these will be the most comfortable slippers for you! ”

Use promo code TGP to get 50% discount from MySlippers!

Click here to get a pair of MySlippers in your size!

Also, here’s a flash sale of MyPillow’s amazing towel:

Put TGP in that box and press “Apply” to get a discount of up to 66% and help Gateway Pundit.

Thank you for supporting Gateway Pundit!

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