Super producer Cool & Dry helps launch new currency and crypto record labels

Grammy-nominated super-production team Cool & Dry, and developer Peter Parent have launched their latest project, GREEDWAP ($GREED) – which has many eyes. Ready and wondering: what’s going on and what’s next? It was only a matter of time before music and the massively growing cryptocurrency market came together to change the way music was bought and sold to the world.

Checker Over Checker: The Deal and plan

According to a recent press release, GreedSwap, also known as the $ GREED Project, has announced a new deal on Cardano (ADA), the fastest and third largest growing crypto. This new blockchain will hopefully add value to the growing list of strong projects undertaken by the Cardano team. With 2,300 smart contracts ready for launch, the ADA looks forward to a huge year.

Those for them Looking at this blockchain and the wider market for a while, you probably understand how important each new partnership and project can be.

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ADA holding after reaching all time high the past two weeks. | Source: ADA-USD on

What makes GreedSwap a potentially important player for Cardano is its versatility, depth, and broad ceiling as a company in general. GREED not only provides a game-changing factor for the music industry, it also provides something for investors with a deeper ecosystem. That ecosystem will include farms, stacking pools, a multichain NFT marketplace and a large metaverse build in Descentraland that will include NFT wearable, driveable and NFT keys. These keys will give you VIP access to some areas of GreedSwap’s virtual world where there will also be a greed music studio where you can watch your favorite musicians and recording artists create music, as well as be able to stream their concerts live.

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Only time will tell: the change we want, or the destruction we face.

The news is expected to show how music can now be shared around the world, giving artists a new level of ability to connect with fans and engage consumers through crypto. Artists and musicians have already made a choice by collaborating and exclusive tracks and albums in the NFT world. Big names in hip-hop in particular, such as Karen $ y, have been involved (Karen $ y has released a special NFT project titled ‘Financial District’, and she won’t end up doing it because many artists have taken this approach quite seriously).

Other artists like DJ Premier have also been involved with NFT and Crypto. The ability to cross propagates over a number of different Exceeding the level Music makes it easy for GreedSwap to get its name in the crypto world.

Hopefully it’s stuck, and we can all see what this company can do to influence the new generation of music.

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