Super League Play-off 2021: Farewell Adrian Lam sees a bright future for the young Wigan Warriors. Rugby League news

Adrian Lam, who left as Wigan’s head coach at the end of the season, explained how the team’s youngsters advanced under adverse conditions to reach the Super League play-offs. “It’s going to place the club in a better place in the future,” he said

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Adrian Lam is proud of how Wigan’s youngsters faced the challenge in 2021

To understand what the Wigan Warriors lack experience this year, one only has to look at the fact that their full-back, half-back and hooker axis have not played together since last year’s narrow Super League grand final rate. In these positions at any time in 2021.

Full-back Bevan French suffered a season-two injury in May, with captain Tommy Liuloi and hooker Sam Powell both spelling on the sidelines, while half-Jackson Hastings has had to adjust to the No. 1 and No. 9 positions at various points. During the whole campaign.

Adding to the retirement of Shawn O’Leary, the departure of George Burgess on medical grounds and the off-season recruitment plagued by Jayfield injury, it is no surprise that young members of Wigan’s squad have been told to go ahead and play big this year.

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Although they went ahead, they fought through that adversity to gain a home advantage for the first round of the play-offs against Leeds Rhinos on Thursday – Live On Sky Sports – And head coach Adrian Lam is proud of how the Warriors Academy graduates justified his faith in them after playing more than expected in early 2021.

“We went into the season after losing a grand final in the last game of the season last year and thought the team would be ideal for all the teams to play this year and we would be in a different position,” Lam said.

“I think what our little ones got, even Umila Hanley is playing a lot of games, Kai Pierce-Paul is coming, James McDonnell is coming on the weekend. [in the 12-8 win over Catalans Dragons] Was outstanding – the list goes on and everyone on the squad played.

“Luckily, those players got those moments throughout the season and it’s going to put the club in a better place in the future.

Luckily, those players got those moments throughout the entire season and it’s going to put the club in a really good place in the future.

Wigan head coach Adrian Lam is on the club’s youngsters

“For the moment, I’m proud of all the young players and what they’ve done to come here without a captain like Tommy Lului in the big times of the season.”

Perhaps the proudest moment for Lam came to the Huddersfield Giants in July when the eight-year-old players in the 1-member match-day squad won under John and 1-12-12, which he believes is crucial to achieving Super Fourth place. . League standing.

One of those involved that day was Joe Sherrocks, who unexpectedly emerged as one of only three players – 20-year-old half-back Harry Smith and Jake BB – to be present for Wigan this year.

Not only that, the 21-year-old former Wigan St. Patrick’s Jr. finished the regular season as the Super League’s top tackle-maker with 833 and a finish rate of just 81 percent, and the way Lam has impressed a player has clearly evolved into a loose forward forward this year.

Joe Sharocos has emerged as the top tackler in the 2021 Super League

Joe Sharocos has emerged as the top tackler in the 2021 Super League

“I’m really proud of Joe,” Lam said. “He’s played in the half, in the hooker, in the back row, at 13, in the center – he’s done everything and our Mr. Fix-it.

“He’s one of the players I’ve taken, because he’s a great man and he’s just as fit as anything – he’s probably one of the most deserving players in the club and he’s very close to Liam Farrell.

“He’s very good and he has a bit of Shawn O’Leary about the way he can play with the ball, which certainly fits my rugby style and I’m really proud of how he has improved this year.”

Lam Ni no doubt reveals the young Wigan, who was already part of the first-team squad or graduated in the senior set-up in 2021, will stand well for the club in the future, regardless of the outcome of this year’s play-offs.

It’s not about me, it’s always about my players, my team and my squad, and I’ve always been confident that we can get it together at a crucial time of the season.

Wigan head coach Adrian Lam

However, it will be the final chapter of his time at the DW Stadium, with the 51-year-old team representing him separately as a player after three seasons from 2001 to 2004 to move to his leadership.

The Warriors have seen the preliminary final in their first year and then last year ended up being grand final runners-up behind closed doors in the hull, packing a big win in front of Old Trafford in October would be the perfect way to sign off.

Lam, who picked up the Challenge Cup as a Wigan player 19 years ago, emphasized that the focus was on the team and the players rather than his personal attitude.

“Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to play at Old Trafford last year, but if that’s the story this year, it would be just as good for me,” Lam said.

“But it’s not about me, it’s always about my players, my team and my squad, and I’ve always been confident that we can get it together at a crucial time of the season.

“I’ve always had that belief and confidence, and now we’re at that stage of the season. Hopefully, we’ll see it on the field for minutes and minutes on Thursday night, so let’s see that right first and what comes next.”

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