Super League Dream Team 2021: St Helens and Catalan Dragons dominate this year’s Rugby League News

Five from St. Helens and four from the Catalan Dragons, winners of the League Leaders Shield, have been named to this year’s Dream Team; Overall, the competition represents six clubs; Seven players have achieved their first Dream Team selection

Last Updated: 26/09/21 11:53 am

13 players named in the 2021 Super League Dream Team

The Super League has revealed 13 players who will form this year’s Dream Team, including five from St. Helens and four from the League Leader Shield winner Catalans Dragon.

Man of Steel nominee Sam Tomkins made his sixth appearance and was named a full-back for the first time since 2013. 2013, teammates Tom Davis, Sam Casiano and James Maloney were also included for the first time.

Jack Wellsby, a highly talented 20-year-old from St. Helens, appeared for the first time, taking one to the center berth with teammate Mark Percival ুক্ত a third time on the Dream Team.

  • Represented six clubs in the Super League
  • For the first time, seven players have been included
  • Four players (Johnny Lomax, Alex Walmsley, Liam Farrell, Morgan Knowles) have held their place since 2020.
  • Sam Tomkins included for the sixth time (previous election 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Tom Davis has more meters (3,32) than any other player
  • James Maloney top scorer (227) and goal kicker (101)
  • Why was CO the top regular tri-scorer of the Super League season (1)?
  • Liam Farrell Leads the Post-Contact Meter (1,408)

Among the rest of the Saints team, Morgan Knowles has been named a loose forward for the third year in a row, while Alex Walmsley and Johnny Lomax have won their third election since becoming second champions in the regular season.

“I’m delighted to see these awesome athletes perform at the highest level of the week, week to week this season, and it’s a great reward to see them get a place on this year’s Betfred Super League dream team.” Steel panelist, Sky Sports Rugby League scholar and four-time Dream Team member Terry O’Connor.

In addition to representing the top two well, the squad includes players from Kingston Rovers, Leeds Rhinos, Salford Red Devils and Wigan Warriors.

Tri liked that it helped Kenin Linette select the first Dream Team

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Tri liked that it helped Kenin Linette select the first Dream Team

Tri liked that it helped Kenin Linette select the first Dream Team

Ken Linette’s efforts to help Hull KR reach the playoffs for the first time since 2013 saw ‘The Big Red Machine’ with award-winning Wigan man Liam Farrell, who made his fourth appearance overall, with his first dream team selection in the second row.

There is also a first Dream Team Selection for Cruise Lemming, who got the role of Hooker after starring there in 2021 but this year showed his versatility in a Leeds Rhinos shirt with some strong displays as a stand-in half-back.

Salford winger Ken CO, who finished as the top tri-scorer in the Super League with 1 League in the regular season, is another newcomer to the wide position.

The impressive year of Cruise Lemming for Leeds has earned him a dream team

The impressive year of Cruise Lemming for Leeds has earned him a dream team

“Looking at half the team players in the competition I think shows the depth of talent currently on display in the Super League, even more so when you consider some of the players who have lost a place on the Dream team,” O’Connor said.

“It always feels good to have a new face on the Dream team and it’s great to include the likes of Jack Wellsby, Tom Davis and Cruz Lemming this year.

“A special mention must go to Liam Farrell and Morgan Knowles who have held their position for the third year in a row – a great example of their talent and perseverance.”

Super League Dream Team 2021

Full refund: Sam Tomkins (Catalan Dragon); Wings: Tom Davis (Catalan Dragon), Ken CO (Salford Red Devils); Center: Jack Wellsby, Mark Percival (both St. Helens); Half back: Johnny Lomax (St. Helens), James Maloney (Catalan Dragon); Materials: Alex Walmsley (St. Helens), Sam Cassiano (Catalans Dragon); Hooker: Cross-liming (Leeds rhinos); Second row: Liam Farrell (Wigan Warriors), Ken Lynette (now Kingston Rovers); Loose front: Morgan Knowles (St. Helens).

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