Sudanese PM arrested in military coup: live update

State Department spokesman Ned Price spoke at a briefing Monday.

The United States is suspending $ 700 million in emergency aid in Sudan in the wake of a military occupation of the country, State Department spokesman Ned Price announced Monday.

“The United States condemns the overnight actions of the Sudanese military. The arrests of civilian government officials and other political leaders, including Prime Minister Hamdock, undermine the country’s transition to democratic civilian rule. The civilian-led interim government should be restored immediately, ”Price told a news briefing.

“In light of these developments, the United States is withholding থেকে 700 million in emergency aid from the Economic Assistance Fund for Sudan. These funds were intended to support the country’s democratic transformation as we evaluate the next steps in Sudan’s programming, “he said.

“Our entire relationship with this Sudanese entity will be assessed in light of what has happened, unless Sudan is returned to the transitional path,” Price added.

Price said the United States “acknowledges legitimate allegations about the pace of change, but the dismissal of Burhan, the chairman of the Sovereign Council, and the dissolution of state institutions both violate Sudan’s constitutional declaration and abandon the democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people.”

Price said the United States would normally adopt a coup resolution – an official designation has implications for aid – but noted that Sudan has been subject to military coup restrictions since the 1989 coup.

The spokesman said the United States had not been given any headaches about military occupation. Jeffrey Feltman, special envoy of the Horn of Africa, was in Khartoum on Saturday and met with Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and General Mohammad Hamdan Dagalo, also known as Hemedati.

Price said the State Department has not contacted Hamdock since his arrest.

“We are in close contact with partners and allies in the region and beyond,” Price said. “We are coordinating our messaging, our methods, our activities very closely with what we have seen in Sudan over the last 16 hours or so.”

“And if it is constructive for us to interact with actors, including elements of the Sudanese military, we will do so, I will not read any of those overcharges or diplomatic conversations,” he said.

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