Streetwear legend Nego leads Kenzo

On Wednesday morning, LVMH named Nizo – designer, record producer, and founder of the Bathing App at a leading streetwear brand – as Kenzo’s new artistic director, becoming the first Japanese designer from the brand’s founder, Kenzo Takada, to show off his first collection in Paris in the spring of 1970. Appointments seem smart to the fashion world: fashion and streetwear continue their long dance. To Nigor, if it seems like destiny.

The 50-year-old designer said in a statement, “I was born the year Takada Kenzo opened its first store in San Paris, which he also posted on Instagram today.” We both graduated from the same fashion school in Tokyo. Joined the group, I started my career in fashion.The year was when Nigo opened its first store.It will be the father’s flagship spot in Tokyo, the era of street clothing boom that will soon find its way to the Supreme Store in Lafayette, New York.Nigo also loves the scene. Became the godfather for, eventually founding the Billionaire Boys Club and the Ice Cream Brand with Farrell, most recently, he became a chief consultant to designer and current Louis Vuitton creative director Virgil Abelo, whom Nigo now joins under the LVMH umbrella.

In Kenzo, Nego became the success of Portuguese designer Felipe Oliveira Baptister – whose brand span was largely the Covid epidemic, his first collection was exhibited at Paris Fashion Week in February 2020 – as well as American design duo Humberto Leon and founder Carol Limon. . “Kenzo them,” GQRachel Tashjian wrote this spring, “Simultaneously with the street-style boom that emerges – a smooth graphic fabric suitable for a photographer’s lens, admired by people who are desk-bound or on the phone. That’s what most people know about Kenzo.” There seems to be a flow, even as it returns once more to the financial power of streetwear.

Nigo’s second collaboration with Abloh for the LV², their capsule men’s clothing line for Vuitton, which includes plenty of mod tailoring, kimono-inspired shirting, and a few months after shaking hands with the trend of Japanese streetwear for incredibly clean denim The news of Kenzo comes. After joining the French luxury home in Abloh2018, he chose Nigo as his first collaborator, creating a sold-out collection that included a study on the created Logomania, drawing LV’s monogram pattern on the brand’s signature Damier check. The success of their collaboration, and the recent upgrade of Abloh to support the new brand of Gig LVMH, has undoubtedly paved the way for Nigor’s hiring.

How Nigo’s vision will transform women’s clothing will be interesting, although we are certainly in the right ecosystem for it, when clothing is more genderless and more involved than ever before in the dictionary of street clothing. Perhaps there’s a moment in the folklore knitwear legacy of money, a return to the brand’s delicious, umin0 and 80s clothing catalogs, which is comfortable, ready for movement – a history that Baptista looked forward to in her final Kenzo collection, and a general state of mind. Honestly, we can all benefit from these days. His appointment, too, has brought juicy promises of cooperation, in line with his link-ups with Abloh and Farrell. In fact, Pharrell – who recently told this publication that Nigo works with 200% creativity, including “100% taste, 100% curation” – was quick to support his friend in hiring this morning, Nigo commented on the Instagram announcement, ” ASCEND! ASCEND! ASCEND.! “

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