Storm Reed Partner with New Balance as Brand Ambassador

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WaveIts Storm Reed is an actress, producer, humanities, and USC college student currently studying Drama and African American Studies. But add the New Balance Ambassador to the impressive list of 18-year-old achievements, as he has just joined the squad (which already includes Jaden Smith and athlete Sidney McLaughlin). The new balance was drawn to the way Storm gave his followers, especially women, the ability to take place and claim their moments – and really, who wouldn’t? When POPSUGAR talked about partnering with Storm, which would include initiatives, product creation, and promotional campaigns and billboards, we were amazed at his determination to take on this new role.

“Equity in the sneaker world means paving the way for women – in general and in industry – and to be purposeful, whether it’s promoting or producting what we’re producing. It’s very important for young women to represent themselves and see that other women feel empowered. Celebrate and be successful. And that’s what I hope to represent through my new partnership with New Balance, especially for women of color. We want to help make the feeling of being seen through fashion and inspire the next generation of little girls to follow their dreams and claim their moments, ”she said.

Rest assured, Reed is a self-described sneakerhead. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see how huge her collection is, and she even considers Serena Williams, wearing off-white AF1 at the Met Gala, one of her all-time favorite fashion moments. It’s clear that New Balance was the right brand to align with him, as he explained that the team really knows their partners and supports them throughout their careers. Up front, you see Storm Starr in a video for the We Got Now campaign, when you want something like, “Waiting is not an option.” Then, read some of Storm’s best quotes about sneakers, all of which prove that he really is the sneakerhead seen in the front photo.

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