Steve Schmidt skillfully summons Mitch McConnell’s game

Steve Schmidt provides insights and explanations of what Mitch McConnell is doing and may not be what you think.


Schmidt told MSNBC Deadline: The White House:

Now, the question of the o Ceiling, what are we talking about About, a complete default Faith and the faith of United State of America. So it’s not the debate around Joe Biden and dThe Democratic Congress wants Spend too much money. And there are a lot of people Those who are looking at that money And say that amount is worrying Them I will be one of those people. This debate is not like that Related. What is this debate about Whether 8 trillion Cost, that was money Already spent, gone, poof, spent That, on national credit Cards – Whether we should make them Payment on it Cost

And if we do not pay At that cost, we took many risks, A lot to Americans Economy, and we risk loss Ten and ten and ten Millions of American families. And the reason is Mitch McConnell, and Republicans Want to create chaos. And then they will run To turn into that chaos To restore what was not broken Before they break it. It’s extremely, extremely Cruel

Mitch McConnell is trying to blow up the United States and the global economy by talking about a campaign.

Minority leader McConnell’s policy does not have a broad agenda or an agenda that he wants to implement for the country.

McConnell wants to blow up the national and global economy because he thinks the resulting chaos will create better publicity ads.

The Republican candidate for senator from Kentucky needs something to run next year, so he has decided to fix the economy that he has broken the focus of the campaign.

It is a diplomatic strategy that repeats a party that is desperate to return to power but cannot give voters a single positive reason why they should vote.

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