Steve Robinson talks about punch trading with Anthony Joshua and his Disney tattoo collection before the heavyweight fight in Newcastle. Boxing News

Steve Robinson tells Sky Sports about imitating Tyson Fury, discovering his knockout power, collecting Disney tattoos and his similarities with ‘Evan Drago’.

Newcastle’s very own heavyweight contestant aims for an explosive win for his hometown fans when he appeared at the Utility Arena on Saturday at the Hoogy Fury vs. Christian Hammer Bill, live on Sky Sports.

Robinson has already done punch business with Anthony Joshua and the 6’7 “Powerhouse now wants to influence its British rivals …

Did you have an unusual start to boxing?

I played professional football, until six years ago. I was in Hong Kong with South China. I had an ankle injury and was told I would never play football again.

When I tore the ligament in my ankle, I took 12 months off, and I went up to 133kg. I came home and joined the local gym, just to get fit.

What was your first experience about amateur boxing?

I was still overweight, but I stopped the guy in the second round.

I can only remember the environment of the place. It was at a social club and probably there were about 150 people there, but being there made me feel like I was walking in front of 52,000 in St. James Park.

I remember the humming and the adrenaline rush, and I thought, ‘That’s what I want to do, that’s what I need.’

Robinson ‘covered in Disney tattoos!’

Can you be the boxing hero of Newcastle?

I want to hope so. I wouldn’t do it, if I didn’t believe in myself I wouldn’t give up what I gave up.

When I joined the England squad, I quit my job and became a sponsor. I lost the relationship, I haven’t drank in six years. I drank water in Prague.

If I didn’t believe in myself and the people around me who believed in me, I wouldn’t be in sports.

What sets you apart from other heavyweights?

Am I the most technically gifted heavyweight? No. But I can guarantee if you’re fighting six rounds, I’ll do eight. If you’re doing 30 push ups, I’ll do 35.

I can afford it. I sleep ”7 “.

If you’re going to try to get me to sleep, I haven’t gone down yet. That quarrel, that battle.

Anthony Joshua, Alexander Usik
Joshua gave important advice to Robinson

When did you share the ring with Anthony Joshua?

His cousin contacted me [about sparring] On social media and he said, ‘We’re fighting a fury.’ Before Usik it was all about falling.

I went down for three days. Anthony and Rob McCracken then contacted me and said I would be part of the whole camp. But unfortunately obviously I’m not Usic, I’m not Southpow, 15 Stone, so fall into that.

But as told by Anthony and Rob McCracken it was a great spar and you will be invited to camp and we really enjoyed it it encourages you. It was a fantastic experience.

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Sky Sports Boxing caught up with Tyson’s cousin Hoogie Fury as he prepared for his fight this weekend.

What is your title ambition?

In 18 months, I want an English title or an intermediate title. In two years I want that British. If not two years, I want it earlier.

Only I can throw it away and I’ll make sure I don’t. The sooner I can get there, the sooner I can show up about myself, the sooner I can get these title fights.

Can you explain your tattoo?

I covered in Disney tattoos. I just me. Nothing will change wherever I am, I am just me.

I got Lion King, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast. More to come!

Steve Robinson
Robinson unbeaten (via viaStevenRobinson_USSR)

And your nickname?

USSR Robinson is my boxing nickname. Basically whenever I went on a trip, everyone was just like, ‘This is Evan Drago.’

I kept asking my mother, ‘What’s going on?’ I can’t see anything like my father, I can’t see anything like my mother.

I need to get in touch with Dolph Lundgren because he gives me some birthday presents and Christmas presents. I keep reaching out to her, but she doesn’t want to do anything with it.

I will be in The Expendable 24 and Fast and the Furious 42 at leisure. I’m looking forward to it.

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