Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows have just made a big mistake, even Trump’s lawyers don’t buy executive privilege claims.

Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, and two other associates of Trump will reject Subpena from the 1/6 committee, even as Trump’s own lawyer doubts the power of his executive privilege claim.

Even Trump’s lawyers aren’t buying executive privilege claims

The Guardian reports:

But increasingly concerned with the far-reaching nature of the January investigation, Patrick Philbin, a former deputy White House adviser led by Trump and his legal team, Justin Clark, a former Trump campaign lawyer, is set to direct the lawyers’ advisers to help. To disobey orders.

The foundation is being laid on executive privileges for not cooperating with Trump’s allies, the source said, adding that sensitive conversations about what he knew earlier about Joe Biden’s plan to close the election victory certificate should be kept secret.

Philbin seems less confident than Trump about the power of legal reasoning, the source said, because the judiciary previously refused to claim protection for the Jan. 6 testimony, suggesting it did not exist to protect Trump’s personal interests.

The 1/6 committee has already warned witnesses that failure to comply would result in a criminal complaint.

The 1/6 committee will pursue criminal charges if witnesses do not testify. Trump’s executive privilege claims are fake. It turns out that the only hope for Trump’s allies is to take the matter to court for the next fifteen months and pray that Republicans take the House back and the investigation goes away.

The 1/6 committee and most legal experts agree with Trump’s lawyer. His claim to executive privilege is weak, as privilege exists while in office. The presidency does not require a lifetime of executive privilege.

Donald Trump is creating fictitious powers that he does not have and anyone who is stupid enough to follow him in this way deserves to face criminal charges.

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