Stephen Curry and the Warriors will fight in the West, believe it or not

No doubt he is dreaming big.

No doubt he is dreaming big.
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Call me crazy, but the Golden State Warriors will be a force at the Western Conference this season. Yes, you heard me right. Golden State will be a thorn in the side of every team in the West this year, as everyone is sleeping on them, apparently.

You must have forgotten about the warriors. So, they’re not dubbed a few years ago, and their core players have grown a little bigger. Have you seen Wardel Stephen Curry torch the league last season? Curry not only fired the opponent, but the teams were able to give him the key alone as the only real offensive threat to the Golden State. Last year, the teams were able to focus on sending multiple defenders to Curry, and what he did was average 32 points per game and win his second scoring title.

Curry achieved the highest scoring average of his career to push him every night without his ace. The teams knowing the Warriors went into every game Just worried about Curry, Yet they have finished six games above .500. In crime, Curry didn’t have the consistent help he had been using for years. Give Steff a little more support on the offensive end, and the Warriors will return to the top of the conference.

Write Clay Thompson, who Hasn’t played an NBA game since 2019.

Back-to-back leg injuries (Achilles and ACL) have kept Clay on the sidelines for the past two seasons. I think the Warriors will work slowly with Thompson’s return and don’t expect him to appear in court again before January. Even if so, I think this team can still be mixed when he returns. No one expected Clay to be before the injury যা which was one of the NBA’s best doubles players. Its defensive output may be somewhat reduced, but the touch of the shooter will never leave you. If Thompson is right, he will be able to fill it for the Warriors.

Bringing Thompson back to court could mean Andrew Wiggins Aggressively slide into a role suitable for him, As the third or fourth option. He may be inconsistent, but if the pressure to score on Wiggins is low, I think he will be more efficient in that part of his game. He went further and showed that he can play defense for Golden State last season.

Don’t forget to lead the Dremond Green defense. Which I still think he will be able to do at a higher level this year. Outside of their roots, the Warriors have a young team ready to move on and contribute this season. Jordan is one of the Warriors ’youngest guns on the pool roster, and he showed occasional flashes last season. In his sophomore season, Poole His scoring average improved More than three points. And he did it when his average playing minutes dropped to three. James Wiseman will also be there Back from injury (At some point), and I hope to see more from him this year once the team gets him back on the spin.

Now, I’m not choosing the Warriors to win all of this, but I’m telling you to fight for a place in the Western Conference finals for them. I also see the Warriors finish the top four west, then make a run from there. The Lakers and Nuggets (relying on Jamal Moore) are the teams where I worry where the Warriors worry. If Kaohi Leonard had been healthy, I would have been the Clippers on that team. But his return is a bigger mystery than any other player returning from injury. No other team in the West, I think the Warriors can handle seven.

So don’t sleep in this group of fighters. They still have some gas left in the tank, and they are going to show all the suspects.

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