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Starship completes one million autonomous distributions

Today I am proud to announce that we have received one million autonomous deliveries in 2014, more than 6 years after the company was founded. We raised an additional 17 17 million and added services to two new campuses in the United States – UCLA and Bridgewater State University (Massachusetts). This new investment has so far brought Starship’s total funding to 102 million.

We’re not sure where the 1st million deliveries will be, as there are about 15-20 service areas open worldwide where robots deliver every minute. Eventually it happened at Bowling Green in Ohio, to a student named Anika Keaton who is a freshman studying pre-health biology at BGSU. Anika is now part of the history of the starship!

Anika Keaton, the recipient of our one millionth delivery at the Bowling Green in Ohio

Six years ago we didn’t believe we would hit a 1m delivery in January 2021 – we would have liked to hit early! But it turns out that delivery robots deliver thousands of deliveries every day, 24/7, and millions of miles a year to operate at high levels of autonomy in multiple countries. Fortunately at Starship we have an incredibly talented team which I thank for achieving this milestone. It may take us 6 years to get the first million deliveries, but we hope it will take some time for the next million months!

Today we launched UCLA, which is considered one of the top public schools in the United States, and we are delivering from restaurants including Blaze Pizza, Bruin Buzz, Lou Val and Southern Lights. Bridgewater State University (Massachusetts) is now offering deliveries from campus restaurants, including Starbucks Cafe and Beers Dane.

One of the first UCLA students to receive starship delivery

Additional funding comes at a time of growing interest in the autonomous delivery industry. Contactless delivery has proven to be one of the most reliable ways to protect vulnerable populations and enable social distance during Kovid-1 pandemic epidemics. At such a challenging time for so many people we are proud to be able to provide uncontacted food and grocery delivery. Demand in the vicinity has increased 5 times since the onset of the epidemic.

Starship robots line up at Bridgewater State University

We have seen growing growth since we launched our first commercial delivery service in 2018. Over the past year, Starship has set several new delivery records within the company and has expanded to more college campuses, including Arizona State University (ASU), University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and UC Irwin. In addition to opening services in Mountain View, CA, we also began deliveries in Modesto, CA with our new partner, The Save Mart Company.

If you are interested in solving difficult challenges and want to make a positive impact on the local community, as well as the environment, we want to hear from you because we are currently hiring for multiple roles. We are just planning to increase the starship team by about 40-50% this year. Bring 2021!

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