Stacking Aggregator is a new step in the development of blockchain technologies and the defense sector.

Due to the crisis of 2020, many countries have reduced the refinancing rate to provide cheap loans to their economies.

The economy needs money, cheap and affordable. All this has led to the fact that even countries with negative refinancing rates have appeared.

Negative rate means free .n. However, the negative rate leads to the fact that depositors have to pay to deposit in the bank. This contributes to the huge flow of deposits from banks.

But people have to invest money somewhere. During a crisis, shares of many companies fall and investing in securities also increases risk.

Therefore, more and more people are focusing on the DFI sector and the opportunity to provide decentralized finance to the world.

DFI brings people from all over the world together, making financial services accessible to all. So far, banking and financial services are not available for many people.

People in the poorest countries, as well as the least protected sections of the population, are particularly vulnerable. DFI makes financial services accessible to everyone, and DFI is a great opportunity to make money on stacking and various financial instruments.

Different DFI platforms provide different conditions for stacking, i.e., taking passive income to block their assets in the wallet. Coindeks know about different conditions for staking on different platforms. Knowing this feature, Coindeks has created a new and unique product in the market. is a combination of Defy Stacking and Mining.

The system automatically analyzes DFI stacking conditions in leading DEX and adds user tokens in the most profitable and secure direction.

Thanks to Coindeks, any user, regardless of his residence, citizenship and social status, gets the maximum profit on DFI stacking.

Now users do not need to monitor the profits offered by different DFI platforms to choose the most favorable and suitable investment conditions for themselves. The Coindeks platform will find the most profitable pool for all investments of its clients.

The platform carefully examines what other DFI projects offer, closely monitoring the market situation so that the most favorable situation can be selected for everyone.

The DFI sector is developing very fast and it is very difficult to keep track of all the opportunities that the market offers. This requires a lot of experience and time.

There are now a huge number of new DFI projects and it is difficult for professionals to understand them. For newcomers, it is almost impossible to verify the various opportunities in the market.

Coindeks gives access to all features of Defy for all users, experienced investors and traders, and beginners.

You can learn about all of Coindeks’ tools by visiting our website ( and studying it carefully. Don’t miss the opportunity to make money in the fastest, most profitable, promising and actively defy market.

COINDEKS operates under UK law. You can check it out on the official website

COINDEKS.ORG LTD does not charge a commission from users, all services are free. With high passive earnings and zero commissions, we are leading the DEFI sector in the market!

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Our team:

  • Co-founder Jeffrey D. Abbott
  • Founder Edward Long
  • General Manager Margaret Straley
  • Blockchain Developer Sylvia Curry
  • Blockchain Developer Christopher Jackson
  • Blockchain Developer Reynold Parish
  • Lawyer Tyrone Wood

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