A St. Gerard Mazela priest in St. Louis, Father Larry Huber, For his conservative position in the Catholic Church and for not wearing a mask was forced to take a three-month leave from the parish ministry.

A group of liberal Parisians complained to the archbishop that Father Huber did not wear a mask during his tenure.

Father Huber was a visionary behind the Community of Transcendental Men in Jefferson County, a ministry that helps men build their role as leaders in the home, community and church. He is a fourth-degree member of the Knights of Columbus.

One reader shared his conversation with Father Huber with Gateway Pundit. Here is an excerpt from the email:

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We only spoke to Father Huber, who was in the restroom for 3 months for his conservative position in the Catholic Church, while he was packing his car. He said he had met Archbishop Rozanski and did not want to hear what Father Huber was saying.

Father Huber said that as a priest he is the spiritual representation of God and you do not cover God.

Archbishop Rozansky did not want to hear that Father Huber also had covid antibodies (he was tested for antibodies and re-tested) because he had covid at the beginning of the year.

A group of liberal Parisians approached him frequently to complain that he did not wear a mask, and went to the archbishop and complained that he did not wear a mask.

A weekly newsletter from the St. Gerard Mazela Parish states that Father Huber will leave the SGM – at least for the foreseeable future. In fact, this weekend (October 2-3) was his last. “The restroom will make him understand how the Lord is calling him to serve his priest.”

Archbishop Rozansky will appoint a new priest who will probably come to St. Geralds in November.

Gateway pundits wrote St. Gerard’s and their statements will be included when we hear back from them.

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