Square, Twitter, and Substack are the first big drivers in Bitcoin payment solutions

Last month, social media giant Twitter and independent online publisher Substack both integrated Bitcoin tipping and payment services through a third-party partnership with Strike and Open Node, respectively.

The platforms, with a combined million50 million monthly active users, have decided to offer both Bitcoin and Lightning optimized API solutions.

Bitcoin integrations on Twitter and Substack were announced and distributed just as El Salvador became the first country to create bitcoin legal tenders. Many merchants in that country now accept payments for products and services in Bitcoin. From a game theoretical point of view, that nation has a first driver advantage.

Importantly, after the El Salvador legal tender for bitcoin, the dilemma of game-theoretic prisoners accepting national bitcoins began in global geopolitics. Renowned whistleblower Edward Snowden points out that Bitcoin favors those who take it in the first place, which puts pressure on other nations, which will be punished for lagging behind.

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