Speaker Pelosi has simply outsmarted Mitch McConnell by using his own Debt ceiling proposal against him.

At his weekly news conference, Speaker Pelosi announced that House Democrats were using Mitch McConnell’s debt ceiling proposal as a possible permanent solution.


Speaker Pelosi said:

Debt limits, We just hope we can Do it bilaterally. There are all kinds of suggestions There are members. Which was really allowed a When Mitch McConnell came back. But who knows, you know, who You know? But it was – revealed In the meantime, Mr. Yarmouth and m. Boyle puts it in front, puts it Responsibilities on the Secretary To create treasures determination The determination to lift Ceiling

. That may be the decision Defeated by Congress. It will take 60 votes Current practice. But However, Congress will It must be canceled. It seems to have some appeal On either side of the corridor Because of the consequences People don’t lift it. But many Democrats and Republicans voted against Raising the debt limit, however Never to the extent of this It’s in danger. This is the first time.

Speaker Pelosi has turned the tables on Mitch McConnell

Speaker Pelosi is going to use Mitch McConnell’s own ideas against him and expose his hypocrisy by voting him against his own proposal.

The idea behind the McConnell idea is good. The debt ceiling is very important for the US economy. It should not be political football in the hands of Congress.

Debt’s ceiling is an artificial construction. It is not in the constitution. Congress can choose to manage the US debt as it pleases unless it jeopardizes the full trust and credit of the United States.

Repeatedly, Democrats have overtaken McConnell on McNeil’s ceiling, and the best course of action for all would be to use the minority leader McConnell’s own ideas against him to hold McConnell hostage forever.

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