Speaker Pelosi angry and deceives Democrats who do not want to vote

Speaker Pelosi has been angered and shouted at by some House Democrats who do not want to vote to raise the debt limit.

Politico’s Heather Kegel tweeted Pelosi’s remarks during the Caucasus meeting:

The moderates are probably holding a limit vote

A group of 5-9 moderate Democrats in the House are so alarmed by the Republicans’ statement that they are probably the suspects who are dragging their feet on the Ft.

Most of these members do not know that the Speaker has forgotten about the House Calculus of the midterm elections.

Pelosi is right.

If the US defaults, these same House Democrats will not be able to save their own seats without voting to increase the debt limit. They will destroy themselves because the Republicans will be responsible for destroying their economy.

Their job is to protect the full trust and achievement of the United States. This is why the House is in control of the purse strings.

Democrats are not Republicans. They are expected to elect the country as a party.

Here it is hoped that Speaker Pelosi will break these holdouts into a new one and remind them of the work they were chosen to do. The best way for Democrats to maintain a majority is to get them to work.

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