Southwest Airlines to abide by Biden vaccine ‘mandate’ on Texas ban as flight cancellations continue

On Tuesday, Southwest Airlines announced that it would comply with Joe Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate regarding Governor Greg Abbott’s ban.

“According to the executive order of the president, federal action is subject to any state order or law and we expect the federal contractor to comply with the president’s order.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Monday banned the vaccine mandate of any entity in Texas.

“The covid vaccine should always be voluntary and should never be forced,” Abbott said.

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Abbott said in an executive order, “In another example of federal overreach, the Biden administration is now threatening many private companies to impose the Covid-1 vaccine mandate, disrupting the workplace that threatens the continued recovery from Texas’ Covid-1 disaster.” Abbott said in an executive order.

Southwest Airlines said the pilots were fighting Kovid torture and would abide by Biden’s orders.

About 2,000 southwest flights were canceled over the weekend, and cancellations continued through Monday and Tuesday.

Southwest claims flights have been canceled in Florida due to bad weather and air traffic control problems although their competitors in the region have reported far fewer cancellations.

Gary Kelly, chief executive of Southwest Airlines, insisted on Tuesday that the cancellation had nothing to do with workers boycotting the vaccine order.


The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association is fighting the torture in court.

“The new vaccine mandate illegally imposes new conditions of employment and the new policy threatens to shut down pilots who are not fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021,” the legal filing said. “Additional new and unilateral changes to the Southwest Airlines’ joint bargaining agreement are a clear violation of the RLA.”

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