‘Someone help!’ Ohio police ignored the appeal of black paraplegics during a brutal traffic stop. News

Body-camera footage released Friday (October 8) shows Dayton, Ohio police forcibly dragging a paraplegic black man out of his car and dragging him to the ground. Officers then dragged him into a Cafe Squad car in the footage depicted on drag0 September.

The Dayton, Ohio Police Department shared the video NBC News, Showing the motorist Clifford Wensby He was asked to get out of his Audi last week during a traffic stop. Due to footage editing, it is not clear what happened before or after the recording.

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What is clear is that unidentified officers ignored Owensby’s repeated notifications that he was paraplegic and could be injured if pulled from the car. “I can’t get out of the car, sir,” he repeated.

Officer Wensby was asked to remove himself from the car so that a dog could smell any drug. He told the officer that he would not remove him from the car and that “if you lay your hands on me for no reason, there will be a lawsuit, brother.”

Wensby said there were no drugs in the car. Dayton police said $ 22,450 was recovered from the vehicle found by Canin.

“Can you all call the real cops, please?” A person coming down the street was seen making phone calls and was heard.

Wensby requested that officers call their supervisor. After a while, officers unbuckled his seatbelt and pulled him out of the car with his dreadlock and shoulder. “Someone help! Someone help,” he shouted. Dayton Daily News.

“I don’t think they respect me as a citizen.”

Dayton Mayor Nan Howley said in a statement last Friday, “The video of this police conversation is very disturbing to me.”

The unfortunate incident is currently under investigation. Dayton police say the money is under investigation.

Watch the footage below:

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