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Soldex It is thrilled to announce that it has officially partnered with Speqto Technologies to accelerate the development of decentralized exchange (DEX) solutions and to create and program AI-powered bots, part of the service provided by Soldex to the public.

Specto Technologies was selected as the seller because of their extensive expertise in creating decentralized exchanges (DEX) and AI trading bots.

Soldex confirms that the partnership has already been finalized and that the two companies are well on their way to developing the following features:

  • Token smart deal
  • Wallet API and integration
  • Dex Development
  • Staking Smart Deals and Integration
  • Web application
  • AI bot implementation

About Specto Technologies

Specto Technologies Pvt Ltd is a world class service provider in software technology and innovation. With over 6+ years of expertise in building securely managed and Word-Class Web, Mobile, CMS, CRM, ERP, Blockchain, AI and ML, IVR, VAS, and Fintech domain platforms.

About Soldex

Soldex is a native, scalable and decentralized exchange, controlled by the community and built in Solana. However, Soldex is a first type of base decentralized exchange (DEX), which is non-custodial, which means that, unlike centralized exchanges, does not have to have your token in order for you to be able to trade. Instead, allows users to trade in a safe and secure way, using peer-to-peer connections with the liquidity provided by other users. It is a third-generation crypto exchange that uses advanced machine learning and neural network algorithms to solve the problems of order-matching centralized exchanges and trusted custody between current decentralized exchanges.

Soldex properties is one of the first basic decentralized exchanges (DEX) built in Solana and allows users to conduct peer-to-peer transactions in a secure and reliable manner with liquidity provided by users. This third-generation cryptocurrency exchange will use advanced machine learning and neural network algorithms to match the sequence of decentralized exchanges, centralization, and unsolicited custody to solve current problems.

    • Unauthorized: Permanent trade in any pair. Our regime will ensure that the best trading pairs are available and only the safest Oracle is used.
    • Efficiently induced liquidity: Liquidity Pool Trading Each pool is predicted to have sufficient resources to facilitate instant trading. Soldex solves this need by motivating users to accumulate resources and provide liquidity.
  • Community Governance: Token holders can establish a sensation by voting on a governance proposal or by introducing a new proposal for a vote.
  • Ecosystem Foundation Layer: Attract resources and create incentives that can strengthen an ecosystem of financial products.
  • Real-time settlement and light-speed swap: Faster and more efficient trading experience.

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